Mean Tweets of Celebrities: Funny Video of Star's Reactions on Jimmy Kimmel's Live
Jimmy Kimmel and Emma Stone having fun during ABC's popular late night talk show. Jimmy Kimmel Live/Facebook

Jimmy Kimmel has done it again. The popular talk show host asked his celebrity guests to read some mean tweets about them posted by fans on Twitter, raising cheer among the show's fans and followers.

ABC's late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, has released the latest edition of 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.' The video has gone viral on YouTube with more than 3 million people watching it.

The funny video features popular actors such as Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Emma Stone and Ashton Kutcher reading offensive tweets about them. The celebrities were amazingly sporty while reading the cruel notes meant for them.

Roberts, Academy award winning actress, laughed while reading a tweet in which a user described her mouth as 'gigantic.'

Stone was stunned to learn that a fan thought her face smelled like cat piss while McConaughey was confused why would anybody call him 'd--k turd'.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile '#MeanTweets' is trending on Twitter, where fans are raving the latest instalment from the popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel's Live.

Here are some fan tweets below.