Those following Anonymous and their tweets will know the strong support the Occupy Movement Worldwide gets from the hacker group. It was evident in the hordes of protestors at Zuccotti Park wearing the Guy Fawkes mask, a face that has become synonymous with Anonymous. The group has released a statement to disclose their political motif of not just keeping the internet free from censorship for now but for years to come as reported in Digital Trends.

Occupy Poll
On the agenda

The group plans to encourage voters to shun all those who have supported internet censorship bills such as Sopa (Stop Online Piracy Act), Pipa (Protect IP Act) and NDAA (National Defence Authorisation Act). The group in a message on its portal has called for Americans to come together and vote to oust all legislators who recommend censorship of the internet. The release requests all Americans to use their valuable votes on the November 6, in favour of freedom and liberty online supporting those opposing censorship.

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Campaign against SOPA PIPA NDAA

The announcement could well be the 'Big Announcement' promised by Anonymous for Monday apart from the disclosure of 'Global Intelligence' file sharing with Wikileaks that was made public on 27 Feb.