The Greens have hit the high notes with their latest election broadcast as the party parodied the four main leaders with a boyband song.

The Change The Tune spoof features comedians with the likeness of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage and Ed Miliband in a bid to paint the Greens as the real alternative at the general election.

The three minute long video sees the party leaders singing in harmony about their shared love of austerity and fondness for fracking.

"It's based around the theme that all of the establishment parties are the same and they all say the same things. That led into the idea of a harmony and the song came from there," a Green spokeswoman told IBTimes UK.

"We just wanted to do something a bit different, something that's entertaining because party election broadcasts are pretty dull."

The advertisement has been in the pipeline for around six months and was directed by Johnny Hopkins via ACNE productions, on behalf of Creature of London who created the film.

The spoof will first be broadcast at 17.55 on 9 April on BBC2 and the party plans to release a "making of" video to explain the creative process and political message behind the film.

The Greens will hope that the video changes their fortunes in the run up to the 7 May vote after the party had to cancel a billboard unveiling this week because of "ongoing issues" with a contractor.

Natalie Bennett's party are on 5% in the latest opinion poll from YouGov, below the 10% they garnered in mid-January.