A teenager who stabbed a ticket inspector to avoid paying his fare has been jailed alongside his brother who punched another man who tried to stop the attack.

Robert Culley, 17, stabbed his unnamed victim with a four-inch knife on a train from Southend to London in December 2011.

Older brother Charles Culley, 19, punched a second man who tried to intervene in the attack. It is understood he was also a rail worker.

Robert Culley was sentenced to four years' imprisonment after admitting wounding and possession of a knife. Charles Culley was jailed for four monthsat Basildon crown court.

The brothers ran from the c2c train at East Tilbury but were found after CCTV images were published.

The court lifted all reporting restrictions on the case to allow the younger defendant to be identified.

DC David Bishop said: "Attacks of this nature on rail staff are rare, but we take them all extremely seriously.

"This was an appalling and disgraceful attack on two men who were simply doing their job and who had quite rightly asked the brothers to leave the train."

The inspector told the Daily Mail: "I have children his age so, to be honest, I feel sorry for him and sad he has wasted his life.

"When he gets out no one is going to want to employ him. I feel it is a complete waste of a life."

Julian Drury, c2c managing director, said: "This was an isolated and unprovoked attack on our staff, who were doing their duty making sure the railway is safe for customers, and we are pleased to see those responsible brought to justice.

"We are absolutely determined to make sure the railway is welcoming and safe for all."