Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen paid for three first class tickets for fan Marion Minchuk, his girlfriend and nurse to fly to Los Angeles from Arizona to visit him.

Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has granted a cancer patient's dying wish to meet him.

Marion Minchuk from Arizona contacted Sheen's management after he was told he had just weeks to live and asked to meet his idol.

After the controversial star heard about Minchuk's plight, he organised for Minchuk, his girlfriend and nurse to fly to Los Angeles to join him.

The Scary Movie actor paid for the trio to travel first class and put them up at the presidential suite of the Universal Hilton.

His guest was invited to visit the set of Sheen's comedy series, Anger Management.

Pictures, obtained by TMZ, show Sheen planting a kiss on Minchuk's head.

Sheen's good deed came weeks after he donated $25,000 to charity to help with Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

In January, renowned director JJ Abrams granted the wish of a terminally ill fan by giving him a private screening of the new Star Trek film.

The man, who had cancer and was referred to only as Dan, was treated to an advance viewing of Star Trek into Darkness, following an internet campaign by friends and family.