Singer Charlotte Church, 26, who filed a case against the News of the World for invading her privacy and hacking her telephone calls, has received £600,000 in compensation.

The singer's phone was hacked in 2002 and since then journalists have had access to her personal details and medical records. She filed the case against News International, publishers of the News of the World.

According to the court, the newspaper carried 33 articles after hacking the singer's phone calls.

"I brought this legal claim with my parents, as many others have done, because we wanted to find out the truth about what this newspaper group had done in the pursuit of stories about our family. What I have discovered as the litigation has gone on has sickened and disgusted me. Nothing was deemed off limits by those who pursued me and my family, just to make money for a multinational news corporation. But she said despite its apology in court, she did not believe News International was sorry, merely 'sorry it had been caught'. Money could never mend the damage that was done," the BBC quoted Church as saying.