Katie Hopkins Charlotte Church
Who would you fancy in a fight: Charlotte Church or Katie Hopkins? Getty Images

It looks as if Charlotte Church's bid to square up to controversial columnist Katie Hopkins in the ring could soon become a reality, if a leading boxing network has anything to do with it.

BoxNation, which airs on Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk and online, is offering to train the feuding stars ahead of a showdown and is also willing to put up a cash prize of £100,000, which the victor can donate to a charity of their choice.

The company is also keen to show the fight live and exclusive on the channel.

"If these two want it to happen in the ring, then BoxNation will make it happen. We immediately guarantee a purse of £100,000 for their nominated charities and we look forward to facilitating this showdown," Managing Director Jim McMunn said.

"Boxing is the ultimate one-on-one. Twitter and social media becomes a cowardly nonsense. BoxNation will ensure both fighters are ready to step through the ropes and face each other in a reality neither could ever have imagined.

"With role models, like Nicola Adams and Katie Taylor, boxing is an inspiration to all women who love sport and there is no doubt that if they want it to happen, the fiery personality of both Church and Hopkins will ensure this is a fight not to be missed."

Earlier in May, Church challenged Hopkins to a boxing match after the pair became embroiled in a Twitter feud over David Cameron's conservatories victory in the general election.

When Hopkins sounded off online telling the pop star: "Wind your neck in. Your Welsh AND you lost. Own your problems," the 29-year-old singer hit back by branding the former BBC Apprentice contestant a "parasite".

She then took it one step further by offering to take Hopkins on in the ring while raising money for a good cause.

Fans have since been calling for a clash of titans, with some claiming that it would be even more epic than the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.