Jose Mourinho

Hobson's choice (Definition): "the necessity of accepting one of two or more equally objectionable alternatives".

And, there in a nutshell, is the debate about whether Chelsea should choose Petr Cech or Thibaut Courtois. It is an age old debate, literally. Do you choose youth and potential or maturity and experience?

Courtois has been outstanding for Atletico Madrid, not just this, their La Liga winning season, but for the two seasons before that. This season he has kept 20 clean sheets in 37 games, and played a key role in his side's march to the Champions' League Final – helping to knock out his parent club in the process with a world class save from a John Terry header.

He is a big, commanding lad and is the youngest 'keeper to make an international debut for Belgium. He has also outperformed Cech in statistical terms this season, outscoring Chelsea's current number one in goals conceded per game, saves per game, saves per goal conceded and catches.

But it is not all about stats, and one of his weaknesses is typical of a younger, less experienced 'keeper.

He can be over-confident, a point evinced by an error which cost Atleti a goal in the Champions League against Zenit, when he misjudged the dimensions of his goal to allow a cross to slip into the back of his net. He has also made two further noteworthy errors in La Liga. But then all 'keepers make mistakes – it's an occupational hazard.

But what of Chelsea's current number one, Cech? He has won the lot at Chelsea, and in the process will go down in history as the club's greatest-ever goalkeeper, holding the record for clean sheets. He is still a key member of the team, on and off the pitch, as one of the original members of the fabled 'spine' of Jose's Chelsea Mk1 team.

This season he has been back to his best after one or two nervy seasons behind an unsettled defence. He picked up the Premier League Golden Gloves award for the third time, and was the selected 'keeper in the Premier League's team of the year. And to those who think it's time to pension him off, at 31 he is arguably in his prime as a goalkeeper and could potentially give another five or more years' top-class service to Chelsea.

However, there remain doubts about Cech's ability to command the area and both his current shoulder injury and the residual effects of the severe head injury he suffered at the knee of Stephen Hunt.

There should be no doubts that Courtois is already one of the best 'keepers in the world and that he is not only ready to return to Chelsea, but indeed must be brought back before the circling vultures of Barcelona and Real Madrid steal him away. But it does not necessarily mean that he should immediately supplant Cech as Chelsea's number one number one.

In fact it is reminiscent of Cech's arrival at Chelsea, when he challenged the then best 'keeper in the Premier League, Carlo Cudicini, for the number one spot. Cech won that battle and it happened under the management of Jose Mourinho. Who better to make this unbelievably difficult choice between Cech and Courtois than the very same manager?

Personally, I hope that Jose allows Cech and Courtois to challenge each other for the number one shirt at Chelsea rather than bringing one in and allowing the other to leave. What could be better than having arguably the best two goalkeepers in the world at your club?

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