The mother of a schoolgirl kidnapped by teacher Jeremy Forrest has slammed web "nutters" who supported him and even contacted her daughter.

The anxious mother has revealed how "tribute" pages to Forrest on Facebook acted as shrines to the disgraced teacher's relationship with the girl he took to France in late 2012.

The kidnap by Forrest sparked an international search for the couple, after the 15-year-old - whose real name is protected for legal reasons - was groomed by him at school. The pair were eventually captured in Bordeaux, although she continued to pine for Forrest long after returning home.

Recounting the aftermath of the high-profile incident in a new book, Davina Williams (not her real name) revealed how internet "parasites" contacted her daughter and even visited Forrest in prison.

"It chilled me how badly these weird people wanted to be part of her story. There were two women in their 30s who were particularly creepy — actually, downright sick is a better way to describe them.

"One of them from the North of England, with grown-up children of her own, became so obsessed with 'Gemma's' story that she'd created a 'Gemma and Jeremy shrine' on her Facebook page.

"She'd Photoshopped pictures of the two of them into a heart shape and adorned it with stars and flowers. 'This shrine will not be removed until Jeremy is free.'"

Williams described the woman as a "parasite" for intruding upon her family's pain. The pair even spoke on the phone, after her daughter's phone bill revealed she had talked at length with the fan.

"One day, I received an unusually large bill for Gemma's phone. From the itemised list of calls, I discovered that almost every one was to the same number.

"As I didn't recognise it, I gave it a try. It was the parasite from Hertfordshire. 'Stay away from my daughter!' I told her forcefully.

"It was difficult to do anything about these two nutters. Of course, I tried to impress upon Gemma that they weren't real friends, but I was mindful that I couldn't run roughshod over how she was feeling.

"To start with, I think Gemma just saw them as harmless spectators who took a sympathetic interest. They became more dangerous, however, as they reached out to her, offering her a link to Forrest."

Her daughter eventually gave evidence at Forrest's trial after he pleaded not guilty to abduction and child sex charges.

He was convicted of the abduction, and later pled guilty to five charges of sexual activity with a child. He was jailed for five and a half years, but the teenager continued to write to Forrest in prison.

She eventually dumped Forrest after falling for another teacher, according to reports.