A dense cloud of smoke was seen hanging above Chile's Villarrica Volcano on 30 March as it increased activity and its crater continued to fill with lava. The smoke columns were visible from several points surrounding the volcano.

Temperatures inside its crater reached 1,000C. Nevertheless, authorities said an orange alert remains, meaning there is no risk to the general population.

Pucon mayor Carlos Barra said all that was left to do was to remain alert, adding children have been allowed to return to classes.

"There is enough previous information. We all know we have to wait and remain alert. The city is calm, children are returning to school tomorrow, so calm is returning with every day that passes," Barra said.

The volcano, located near the popular tourist resort of Pucon around 750km (460 miles) south of the capital Santiago, is among the most active in South America.

On 3 March, a short-lived eruption of ash and rock led to the evacuation of thousands from the nearby area.

Authorities have restricted access to the area within three miles of the crater and have put the area under an orange alert due to the volcano's "heightened unrest" and increased likelihood of eruption.