A Chinese woman was left stuck between two walls for an entire night after her cries for help were mistaken for a ghost by local people.

According to a Mail Online report, the unidentified woman was trying to squeeze through a tiny gap between two brick walls while she was taking a short cut home in Feidong in China's Anhui Province.

However, the woman did not realise that the gap kept getting narrower as she moved forward, and finally got stuck.

The woman kept screaming in vain all night for help as the owner of the house, behind which she was stuck, assumed that the sounds were being made by a paranormal spirit, and was too terrified to look into the matter any further.

The trapped woman ended up spending seven hours between the walls until she was discovered the next morning by passers by, who immediately called for a fire brigade to cut her free.

The rescue operation lasted for 20 minutes, during which the firefighters broke down part of one of the walls - making enough space for the woman to squeeze out.

The woman emerged extremely exhausted, with torn clothes and covered in dust.

In January this year, a woman from Southwest Portland, US, was rescued by firefighters after she also got stuck between two buildings.

The woman fell in a gap that was just eight inches wide and 20 feet high, between the parking garage of the Gretchen Kafoury Commons apartment building and the Joyce Furman building near Southwest 12th Avenue and Columbia Street at around 3.45 am in the morning.

The woman was stuck for about four hours before the rescue operation could conclude at about 7.30 in the morning and she could be pulled to safety.

"I was laying in bed, you know, and I heard it," Charles Rowell, a resident of the building, said at the time.

"I thought it was a cat. Two tomcats fighting. I looked out the window and I heard a woman yelling 'Help me! Help me! Help me!'" he added

During the rescue operation, the crew had to use airbags to spread the walls and soapy water to slide the woman free. A part of the woman's shirt also had to be cut in order to pull her out.

Check out the video of the Chinese woman's rescue operation here:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/James Griffiths]