A two-year-old baby has died of her injuries after being attacked by a man during a parking rage incident.
A two-year-old baby has died after being attacked by a man during a parking rage incident

A two-year-old Chinese girl has died after being thrown to the ground by a man during a row with her mother over a traffic incident.

The toddler died in a Beijing hospital where she was receiving treatment for her injuries caused during the argument, according to China Daily.

A witness told the Beijing Times that the man, identified by his surname Han, wanted to park by a bus stop in Beijing.

However, the toddler's mother, who was on foot, refused to move out of his way as she was checking on her daughter.

Han got out of his car and hit the woman before taking the toddler out of her pram, holding her up and throwing her "forcefully" to the ground, said an eyewitness.

"The baby made no noises after being dropped, not even a cry of pain," the witness told the Beijing Times.

Another man came out of the car and also struck the mother before the pair drove off.

Police found Han, who was released from prison this year after serving a sentence for theft, in a hot spring bathhouse and detained him.

"Han was put in criminal detention on suspicion of intentional homicide on Thursday afternoon," reported the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Han could face the death penalty if he is charged with murder.

Another man, who also has a criminal record, has surrendered to police.