Chris Froome
Chris Froome was on holiday in Italy earlier in 2015 when officials requested a drug test Getty

Chris Froome missed a drugs test earlier in 2015 after hotel staff denied officials access to him while on holiday.

The 2013 Tour de France winner was on holiday in Italy when World Anti-Doping Agency officials arrived to conduct the routine drug test. Cyclists are obliged to inform officials of their whereabouts for out-of-competition testing and specify an hour in which they are available.

"I had a couple of recovery days and I took my wife down to quite an exclusive hotel in Italy," said Froome, speaking from Monaco, the Guardian reports. "On the first morning, the authorities pitched up at seven and the hotel staff actually wouldn't give them access to our room and also refused to let them call up.

"So when we came down for breakfast at 8.30, they basically just said to us: 'OK, the anti-doping guys were here to test you this morning but it's our hotel policy not to let them disturb our clients or let anyone disturb our clients.' So that was a hugely frustrating situation for me."

Froome's comments follow Mo Farah's admission that he missed two tests prior to winning double gold at the 2012 Olympics.