Chris Huhne
Chris Huhne

Former cabinet minister Chris Huhne has admitted he lied to police in a bid to escape punishment for a motoring offence.

At Southwark Crown Court on Monday morning (4 February) , Huhne stood in the dock and pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. A conviction for this offence often carries a jail sentence.

The plea was a dramatic turnaround by Huhne, who spent nearly 10 years denying the offence took place in March 2003.

Huhne persistently claimed that his former wife Vicky Price was behind the wheel of the vehicle when the speeding offence took place. She colluded with him and was also in court, along with Huhne's new partner.

Former energy secretary Huhne even stood down from his cabinet post to fight the charge. He previously declared: "I am innocent and intend to fight this case and am confident a jury will agree."

This morning, the counsel for Huhne stood up and invited the judge to give the charge. Huhne answered that he was guilty.

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