The countdown to Christmas has officially started. And as we all know, the festive season is not complete without an outrageously wacky or ugly knit.

They are guaranteed to turn up - be it uninvited or not.

Fortunately for you, we're making it easier to get involved in all the fun this holiday without having to traipse around the high-street looking for the perfect Christmas jumper.

So whether you are going for something traditionally ugly or something refreshingly stylish, IBTimes UK has compiled a list of some of the best Christmas knits available online that will guarantee that you stand out from the crown.

Feel free to thank us later.

1) Her- Wear a Christmas Tree

Christmas Jumper
Vintage Renewal Sequin jumper, £40, Urban Outfitters. .

2) Him- Outside this World

Christmas jumper
Red Christmas Evil Star Master jumper, £23.95, Dragons Den.

3) Her- Light up everyone's day

Christmas Jumpers
Light up Christmas tree jumper, £29.99, New Look

4) Him- Dare to own the world's ugliest jumper

Christmas Jumper
Moody cat jumper, £40, Urban Outfitters

5) Her- Be sexy

Christmas Jumper
Christmas Presents Cropped Jumper, £12 at Primark

6) His- Go vintage

Christmas Jumper
Vintage Christmas Jumper, £18 at Rokit

7) Her- Go as an elf

Christmas Jumper
Elf Christmas Jumper £39.99 at

8) Him- Go as Santa

Christmas Jumper
Santa Christmas jumper £39.99 at

9) Her- Be over the top

Christmas jumper
Christmas Jumper £35 from River Island

10) Him- Start the Christmas carols

Christmas jumper
Musical snowman Christmas jumper, £12, Primark