After taking home the 2014 Britain's Got Talent crown with their spine-tingling rendition of Stars from Les Miserables , Collabro have already hatched a plan to bring musical theatre to the masses.

The five-piece musical theatre group, which consists of Michael Auger, Richard Hadfield, Jamie Lambert, Matt Pagan and Tom Redgrave, are hoping for a cameo on Glee.

Speaking to IBTimes UK at the Sony offices in London, Lambert described performing on the hit US TV show as a "massive dream".

"That would be incredible Glee is one of the things we think is responsible for bringing musical theatre back to the forefront of popular culture," he said.

"We really hope to cement that way big boy bands are at the minute and how big musical theatre is we are hoping to put the two together and collaborate."

Apart from the impressive £250,000 cash prize, they say the biggest perk of winning the show is performing for the Queen at this year's Royal Variety Show. Preparations are already underway and they promise it will be "something special".

And Pagan says they might sneak in a cheeky selfie with her royal highness - crown and all.

"We want to," he declared. "I think she [knows how to take a selfie] She's a pretty cool queen."

Although they have been together just six months, the group have quickly gelled and their bond shines through in their music.

"Everyday we are learning something new not only about this whole industry but each other as well," Auger says.

"People at home related to us as individuals who had normal salary paid jobs. We've all come together and we all have such passion for the same goal and that really cames across. Like we say we are a collaboration of brothers. We just generally get on. We take the piss out of each other but also we are there for each other.

Billed as musical theatre's answer to One Direction, what kind of material can fans expect from their forthcoming debut album? According to Pagan, musical theatre with a twist.

" We've got a couple of pop songs in there but in our style - it's going to be good," he said.

Despite signing a lucrative record deal with Simon Cowell's label, Syco, the young crooners insist they simply want to give back to their fans, 'the Collaborators'.

"It's sort of like a family thing with our fans, they really get behind us. In essence we couldn't do it without them. We are all collaborating together to do something really special."

Collabro's debut album Stars is scheduled for release on 18 August.