A new video has hit YouTube depicting the bloodied corpse of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The gory video shows Libyan citizens and members of the NTC swarming the now dead tyrant, mobile phones are seen videotaping him from close range.

His last moments have been widely reported and the news that he had been captured hit the UK around midday Thursday. There were then conflicting reports in regards to whether the captured Gaddafi was dead or alive.

Gaddafi was in power for 42 years and the news spread around the world in record time, with few mourning his death.

Mohammed Sayeh, a senior National Transitional Council member, told the BBC that he doubts whether Gaddafi was murdered: "Even if he was killed intentionally, I think he deserves this."

"If they kill him 1,000 times, I think it will not pay back the Libyans what he has done. We've lost over 70,000 of our best men because of this monster."

The final NTC push yesterday also took the life of Gaddafi's national security adviser and his son Mutassim. Gaddafi's other son Saif al-Islam's whereabouts are currently unknown.

There is still some controversy over exactly how Gaddafi died, but the official statement is that the convoy he was captured in was caught in crossfire. He is said to have subsequently died from a gunshot wound to the head as a result.