A Super Bowl TV advert starring performing chimps has angered conservation experts because the animals are shown as "too cuddly to conserve".

The commercial for careerbuilder.com shows the chimpanzees spinning around in chairs and drinking mugs of coffee.

But the gimmick has led to accusations that it undermines the importance of conservation efforts for the chimpanzees.

Dr Steve Ross, of Lincoln Park Zoo's Conservation of Apes Centre, said that making endangered species look like cuddly pets would make people less likely to conserve them.

"If people see them that way they are less likely to try to conserve them," he said.

"Individual chimps are being harmed and wild populations are being harmed by this frivolous use of an endangered species."

The advert ends with the words "It's tough working with monkeys. And we've had enough."

Careerbuilder.com is unfazed by the criticisms and claimed it would continue to air the advert during the most expensive advertising slot on TV.

The company said all the chimps were "treated with respect" during filming of the commercial.