A 31-year-old woman and her 19-year-old colleague have been sentenced to one month in prison by the Dubai Misdemeanour Court after they were allegedly caught kissing in the woman's car.

According to a report in Gulf News, the Emirati woman, a banker, and her teen-aged boyfriend have been working in the same organisation for over a year and had driven together after working till 6 pm on the day they were arrested.

The report further says, the couple was seated in the woman's tainted car, parked behind a mosque in Al Muhaisna on the evening of 21 January.

Only a little later, an Omani passerby found the woman's parked car suspicious with its engine still on and decided to investigate as to what was going on in the car.

The man claims he saw the couple getting intimate, but was unsure if they were having sex. He then, immediately called the police.

Soon after getting a report from the Omani witness, a Dubai Police patrol was dispatched to the scene.

The police arrived at the spot to find the couple kissing, seated inside the woman's car.

When asked, after initially denying, the couple later admitted to exchanging kisses. However, they pleaded not guilty to the charges against them at the court.

The defendants were immediately taken into custody when they appeared in court.

According to court records, the defendants drove to the spot behind the mosque in their separate cars after leaving office. The man then parked his car close by and went to sit in the woman's car.

"We chatted for a while before we started kissing. Suddenly a sports utility vehicle parked behind my car immediately... five minutes later, the police came. I admit that we kissed inside my car but we did not have consensual sex anytime... I've known him for one year now because we are work colleagues", the woman said.