In collaboration with Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse, Christian Louboutin, a French footwear designer, has consented to be the show's frist "Guest Creator" and to put up what will hopefully be an exciting play!

The show "Feu", or "Fire", is scheduled to run from 5 March and to 31 May and Louboutin has reportedly choreographed four acts, which include a "penitent naked nun" number, a lesbian romp and an erotic dance to music composed by film director David Lynch.

One of the numbers will also feature seven women lying on stools and shaking their stiletto-ed feet in the air, without ever showing the upper halves of their bodies.

"The language of legs can express any and every feeling, and without giving too much away, the body becomes the Flame," Louboutin was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail.

Louboutin describes the Crazy Horse as "an iconic Paris monument, a monument to dance and a fantastic, modern idea of the celebration of Women for Women".

"Christian Louboutin and Crazy Horse are symbols of Parisian life including world travel beyond borders, symbols of the world of creation, the wonder and modernity, they share the same sources of inspiration - Women of course, but also the world around them - and hold expertise to offer exceptional and surprising new creations. It is therefore natural that we asked Christian Louboutin," Andree Deissenberg, the Chief Executive of Crazy Horse said, in a statement on the organisation's Web site.

Check out some sneak peeks of the show...