Steve Irwin, also known as the Crocodile Hunter, had left behind a legacy that continues to help conserve wildlife. Wife Terri Irwin, Daughter Bindi Irwin and Son Robert Irwin have not only continued wildlife conservation efforts started by Steve, but have also fulfilled one of his biggest wishes. The Irwin family has established an elephant hospital in Indonesia in Steve's memory.

The critically endangered Sumatran Elephant in Indonesia is going to benefit from what Steve had dreamt of building while he was still alive. Even though it has been 13 years since his passing, the Irwin family has ensured that his wish was fulfilled. Steve noticed that the endangered animal did not get any medical aid if it stepped on a landmine or managed to get injured. Setting up a dedicated hospital can save injured elephants from a painful life or even death.

A hospital has been set up along with staff accommodation on site. Australia Zoo vets are now training an Indonesian team that can run the hospital independently. Staff from Australia Zoo are also on a mission to microchip the dwindling population of Sumatran elephants.

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Steve Irwin with a crocodile

Bindi informed Buzzfeed News that it was the family's mission to carry on the conservation efforts of her father. Terri confirmed that the family and the zoo had been working to complete the elephant hospital which Steve had always wanted to establish. Most people remember Steve for his boisterous presentation, but at the core of his crazy antics was the message of wildlife conservation. Bindi recalled how her father used to say that it did not matter to him if people remembered him, he just wanted the world to remember his message.

Ahead of the second season of Animal Planet's "Crikey! It's the Irwins," Terri told People Magazine that she was very proud of her children. Terri feels that Steve would have been very happy to see how both Bindi and Robert were continuing their work with animals.

Robert has been noted to have stepped into his father's shows as he grows up. Robert's television appearances mirror Steve's enthusiasm when talking about animals and conservation. Bindi plays an active role in the management of the Australia Zoo and also uses social media to echo her father's message of conservation.