Zhang Ziyi accpets drone-delivered marriage proposal
Actress Zhang Ziyi accepted a proposal from her rock star boyfriend Wang Feng who delivered the ring using a drone Reuters

We've seen drones being used to carry mistletoe, deliver beer and serve food in restaurants but it seems that if you want to get engaged in the 21st century, then these flying machines could become the next big trend.

While celebrating her 36th birthday on Saturday (8 February), Zhang Ziyi, the star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers, was surprised by her rock star boyfriend Wang Feng who delivered an engagement ring via drone.

The white drone carried a white basket containing the ring, and having received the right response, heart-shaped fireworks exploded over the night sky.

"Witnessed by all, we have experienced happiness and sorrow. I hope Ziyi can always have the happiest time. If we both are old, I can still take care of you," said Wang, according to Chinese media reports quoted by AP.

Zhang confirmed the engagement to her fans on a Chinese microblogging site on Sunday simply saying "I do" alongside a picture of the fireworks.

Drones are becoming big business the world over and in China in particular the technology is being embraced by both consumers and businesses.

Last week Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba announced that it was beginning to trial delivery by drones, initially testing out the technology by delivering packets of ginger tea to 450 volunteers.

Amazon announced last year that it was planning to test a similar service in Cambridge but any company looking to deliver via drone - at least in the UK - will have to get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority, which currently does not allow drones to fly in built-up areas, near airports, sensitive locations like central London, and requires the drones to be kept within sight of the pilot.