5.47pm: On that bomb shell we're calling it a day here on our live coverage of Cyber Monday. Until next year!

5.46pm: Amazon has just tweeted its Cyber Monday 'Deal of the Day' and it's... Elmo.

5:26pm: Not tech related but certainly of interest to parents of young children (maybe ones still addicted to Frozen). The Disney Store is offering 20% off all purchases of £50 or more today. Offer ends midnight of course.

5:19pm: Amazon (via Hughes Direct) have a Toshiba Encore 7" tablet in silver for £91.99.

5:12pm: Until 6pm (so be quick) Game are selling a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare limited edition Xbox One with 1TB hard drive for £319.99, down from £399.99.

5:10pm: Ben here for a few deals before home-time.

4:50pm: Online department store Very.co.uk has got some Cyber Monday discounts on a range of Android and iOS phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5. The offer runs until 8am Tuesday.

Very is also selling an Ultra HD 4K Panasonic 40in Smart LED television with Freeview and Active 3D for £699. That's £300 off, and possibly the longest product description in history.

4:50pm: For anyone too lazy to tweet, we just got a Cyber Monday email offering managed social media accounts from £50. I wonder if the more you pay, the further your Twitter and Instagram accounts get from the truth.

4:30pm: Want to look the business next time you're queueing up for a Call of Duty midnight launch? Then Amazon has you sorted with 50% off a men's Call of Duty: Ghosts black t-shirt, just £6.50 for the next hour and 45 minutes.

And speaking of video games, some analysis in from the mayhem that was Black Friday reveals that the Xbox One was the most popular games console in the US, taking 53% of the market, while the PS4 managed just 31% - analysts blame the Sony's higher price point.

4:20pm: Meanwhile, over at Amazon you can pick up some cheap storage. A 64GB SanDisk Ultra SD card is currently down from £39.99 to £21.99. There's also a 240GB SanDisk Extreme sold state drive for £79.99, down from £215. I remember when that much storage would have cost more than a MacBook does today...

4:15pm: Over at Game, this hour's deal is the X Rocker gaming chair. They've got one at £44.99 and another at £129.99. They're also selling Destiny on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for £32.99.

4:05pm: Alistair here for what could well be the final stint of the day.

For any watch fans out there - proper watches, mind, not smartwatches - Christopher Ward is offering 15% off all watches until midnight tonight. Just enter the code MEGA15 at the checkout, but unfortunately the offer excludes any limited edition wristwear, or those already in the clearance section.

3.45pm: Even US President Barack Obama and his administration are getting involved in the Cyber Monday spirit - or trying to at least - tweeting about health coverage plans using the Cyber Monday hashtag. Taking a quick look inside the site, however, there aren't any actual Cyber Monday specials.

3.05pm: If you're yet to bag any bargains today or on Black Friday, fear not. According to Matthew Shay, CEO of the National Retail Federation, "every day is going to be Black Friday".

Speaking to USA Today, Shay said: "Every day is going to be Black Friday, every minute is going to be Cyber Monday. (Retailers) can't let up for an instant because of the competitive nature of what's happening out there."

2.42pm: For all those who still read good old-fashioned print magazines, there are a few tempting deals out there for Cyber Monday. Up to 69% off magazine subscriptions is being offered by myfavouritemagazines.co.uk with the code "XMAS20".

Meanwhile Marvel Unlimited is selling a month's subscription to US customers for just $0.75 - just enter MARVEL75 when you're checking out.

2.19pm: For today only GoPro is offering customers free goodies when they buy a Hero4 Black or Hero4 Silver. Visitors to its online store will be able to choose between a 64GB MicroSD card or a GoPro extendable three-way mount when they enter the code "EPICDEAL".

1.59pm: Amazon has its own version of Santa's little helpers, and they come in the form of a 15,000-strong fleet of robots. Born out of Amazon's $775 million acquisition of Kiva Systems in 2012, the robots assist in up to 1.5 million product shipments each day.

1.37pm: Now if there is anyone out there reading this and wants to buy a present for the IBTimes UK tech team then this complete Knight Rider box set for £19 would be right up our street.

1.13pm: Continuing our look away from the electronics market, the people at Time to Spa are offering anti-ageing products with £55 and £110 respectively when you spend £70 or £100 using the codes XMASDUO and XMASTRIO.

12.50pm: While most of the deals today are focuses on tech (especially games) there are some other deals doing the rounds, and if you have children/nieces/nephews, then head to Build-a-Bear which is offering a deal for Cybear Monday (I would like to take credit for that one, but can't).

The Cybear Monday offer will allow you save up to 35% on six bears featured, including Santa, each costing just £10. Cybear Monday is online only.

12.40pm: Of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are not limited to the traditional web, with merchants on the dark web looking to capitalise on the Christmas spending spree. Everything from drugs to stolen credit cards and are available on underground markets.

12.25pm: Ampp3d have used the magic of graphs to deduce that 6pm is the best time to capitalise on Cyber Monday deals as online traffic dips around then.

11.49am: Sony's 12 Deals of Christmas promotion on PS4, PS4 and PS Vita games begins today. The highlight of their first deals is The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4) for £19.99.

11.31am: A Seagate 2TB portable hard drive is available over at Currys for £59.99.

11.17am: Amazon are now matching the price of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire mentioned at 11:06am at Tesco. You can purchase it at the same £27.00 price here.

11.11am: GAME are selling Assassin's Creed Rogue on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for £22.25 in a timed deal until 12pm. Only 49 minutes to snap a copy up!

Game are also selling the Vigilante Edition of Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One for £23.00, as well as the standard edition on the same consoles for £17.97 and on 360 and PS3 for £16.76. All available at this link until 1pm.

11.06am: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on 3DS are available at Tesco for £27.00 when bought with the discount code TDX-FXRT (£5 off entertainment products). Not bad for a game that was only released last Friday.

10.45am: Tesco are selling a Kindle Paperwhite in black for £79.00, a £20 saving.

10.27am: Gamestop are selling Halo: The Master Chief Collection for £26.97. The Xbox One exclusive is an updated and remastered collection of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4.

10.24am: Zavvi are selling a Nintendo DSi with Pokémon White for £49.99. A sweet deal for a handheld device with a great back-catalogue.

9.55am: This comment just through from Carphone Warehouse about its Black Friday online traffic:

Black Friday was the biggest day of trading ever for CPW.com with more than double the online traffic of an average day of trading. Cyber Monday has always been a particularly busy for Carphone Warehouse and today we are expecting at least a 50% traffic increase on last year's online trading. The Carphone Warehouse Flash Sale continues until midnight on the 2nd December giving shoppers plenty of time to grab a bargain and make savings of up to £200.

9.51am: Microsoft has extended its Black Friday offers through to today, with deals available on Surface tablets, Lumia smartphones and selected software. The pick of the bunch being £100 off the large-screen Lumia 1320 smartphone.

9.36am: As well as offering its hourly deals, Game is offering the following hardware bundle for the decent price of £299 - though obviously if you're not into Assassin's Creed it may not be so appealing:

9.24am: Here's a pretty good deal if you are looking for an Xbox One but don't think you need a Kinect...

9am: My esteemed colleague Ian Silvera (at least that's what he told me to call him) has this interesting piece about how 10 million people in the UK have waited until Cyber Monday to begin their Christmas shopping:

8.55am: A survey by security firm Tripwire evaluated the online cybersecurity awareness of 2,011 consumers from the US and UK, revealing that more than 40% believe emails from "trusted brands" are safe to click, and nearly a quarter of respondents (24%) anticipate doing at least part of their Christmas shopping while at work.

Dwayne Melancon, chief technology officer at Tripwire, says this is ideal for cyber-criminals looking to cash in:

Cybercriminals are very resourceful, and they know that the siren song of a good deal is almost always irresistible to bargain hunters. The number one reason to click is trust in a brand, which isn't good – I have seen some very convincing phishing emails and bogus websites that look nearly identical to the real thing. Shoppers need to look beyond the facade of convincing branding to make sure they aren't being conned into clicking on a bogus link.

8.50am: Amazon now has lots of Cyber Monday deals available, including men's socks with penguins (50% off), Fairtrade Organic Green Tea (50% off) and more interestingly, this 65in 4K Hisense TV for £1,059 which is a 29% discount.

8.40am: Audio-specialists Richer Sounds are holding a sale for Cyber Monday with the pick of the bunch the Yamaha YSP1400 Sound Bar down from £299 to just £179 (via HUKD)

8.27am: Ahead of what is predicted to be a record breaking Cyber Monday, cyber security experts from Fujitsu are warning increased volumes of transactions, traffic and data noise will provide perfect opportunities for hackers to go un-noticed.

Rob Lay, from Fujitsu, says:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday pose heightened security risks to retailers by providing an opportunity for hackers to take advantage during the Christmas shopping rush. Throughout this year we have seen a number of high profile retailers be affected by data breaches, and with the increased volumes of transactions, traffic and data noise these shopping days pose the perfect opportunities for hackers to go un-noticed. Businesses should ensure that their monitoring systems, and other the mechanisms that provide visibility into what is going on within their environments are well tuned and on slightly higher alert so that incidents can be responded to quickly and efficiently should they happen. This can also be helped by ensuring that the company's incident response process is well understood and that all the involved parties know what is needed from them should an incident occur.

8.25am: If you are wondering what this Cyber Monday is all about and where the event came from, why not read this enlightening article from my colleague Alistair Charlton:

8.20am: There are more gaming offers available this Cyber Monday from the good people at Blizzard. The com[any's winter sale is now on offering 65% off World of Warcraft, and 50% off Diablo III, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Head over to the Battle.net shop to find the deals.

8.15am: The Motorola Moto X Cyber Monday page is also now live, and you can subscribe to receive your promo code to get £100 off the latest Moto X. Read IBTimes UK review of the Android smartphone here.

8.07am: Someone has just plugged the server back in at Game and the first hourly Cyber Monday sale is up-and-running. As well as Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Game is also selling the Disney Infinity 2.0 Super Heroes Starter Pack from £30.88 (Xbox 360 and PS3).

Both deals will only be available until 9am.

8.03am: And Game's first Cyber Monday deal is live, with Lego Marvel Super Heroes available for just £8.52 (Nintendo 3DS) but unfortunately there seems to be a few gremlins in the system, as clicking on the link brings you to a 404 Error page....

7.55am: Lots of the UK's Cyber Monday deals kick off at 8am (including Game and Motorola's Moto X deal), so keep an eye out for more special offers to be announced in the next few minutes.

7.52am: The price of flash storage has been dropping consistently for many years, but even taking this into account, this deal from Tesco today is pretty incredible:

7.42am: If you are in the US and reading this, then you might be interested in some deals announced by T-Mobile for the iPhone 6:

  • iPhone 6 (16GB) - a free upgrade to the 64GB iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s (32GB) - free upgrade to the 64GB iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c (8GB) - free upgrade to the 32GB iPhone 5c

7.38am: While Tesco is embracing Cyber Monday fully, other UK retailers have decided that Black Friday was enough for them.

Sainsbury's are not running any promotions for Cyber Monday, while Asda has also decided not to run any special deals this week.

7.30am: STOP THE PRESSES: We've just found the deal of the day for the special someone in your life: The Russell Hobbs 19840 Colour Control Steam Iron is now just £19.99 at Argos, a whopping £40 saving. This ladies and gentlemen is the Rolls Royce of irons featuring an anti-drip system, auto shut off, variable steam function AND a vertical steam function to let you iron your curtains.

Guaranteed for hours of fun on Christmas morning when that luck person in your life opens their present to find the Russell Hobbs 19840. Grab it now while you can.

7.20am: Wondering just how Amazon manages to keep up with all the orders it has to deal with around this time of year? Well, Wired has just published a very interesting piece on how the online retail giant uses robots to help get all the packages where they need to go:

7.18am: The good eggs over at Hot UK Deals - who helped us unearth some of the best Black Friday bargains - have created a Cyber Monday deals page, and the current hottest deal is this:

7.14am: Like Black Friday though, Amazon will be rolling out new offers every 10 minutes, and some of the delights to look forward to include packs of green tea, candied chestnuts and a wicker, cushioned dog bed.

7.13am: Currently on Amazon's Cyber Monday site, the only deal available is for 30% off SD cards from SanDisk.

7.10am: Amazon, as you know, is going big on Cyber Monday, just as it did with Black Friday. Sponsored by Xbox One this year, Amazon's Cyber Monday deals are now live though surprisingly, there are not too many Xbox deals on offer.

7.02am: Also remember that Game is running a series of deals throughout the day today beginning with Lego Marvel Super Heroes in just under an hours time.

7am: In case you missed it at midnight, Tesco's Cyber Monday website is up and running with deals on toys, DVDs, electronics and homeware.

6.52am: While most of the world is out trying to grab a bargain on Cyber Monday, there is one group looking to do the opposite, as hacktivist collective Anonymous is leading the charge to #CrashCyberMonday.

Just as they attempted to prevent people from taking part in Black Friday deals, the group is looking to disrupt people's shopping today in a fight to "end police brutality". Both campaigns emerged from the protests sparked by the shooting dead of teenager Mike Brown by officer Darren Wilson in August.

6.45am: Good morning bargain hunters, we're back to bring you all the best deals and offers available throughout the UK.

Cyber Monday, 12:25am: Hello and welcome back to the IBTimes UK Cyber Monday live blog. It's just gone midnight and, as promised, both Tesco Direct and Game have launched websites with new deals and special offers.

Game's deals kick off at 8am, but we can already seen a teaser of what will be on offer. Games to be discounted include Lego Marvel Super Heroes NBA 2K15, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed: Rogue, Forza Horizon 2 and more. Be sure to check back in the morning when these deals - and hopefully more besides - go live.

5:00pm: And that's it for now. I've been Alistair Charlton - you can find me on Twitter @alistairj90 - and I'll be back here at midnight to see, a) if Tesco's website can survive and, b) what Game has for us up its Cyber Monday sleeve.

4:50pm: My colleague Anthony has just filed an article listing all of Argos' best ongoing tech deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The deals end tomorrow, and you can find them all here.

4:30pm: With 7.5 hours to go until Cyber Monday, Game still hasn't formally launched its dedicated web page, which is just as empty as it was this morning. But at least it is now auto-refreshing every minute, suggesting it will stat to fill up with deals later today.

For Black Friday, Game announced its in-store offers at 6pm online, before opening stores at midnight. Perhaps a similar tactic will play out later today.

4:00pm: It's all gone a bit quiet on the Cyber Monday front now, as we wait for retailers to throw open the doors to their websites at a minute past midnight. All eyes will of course be on Tesco Direct - will the website survive the torrent of traffic which knocked it offline on Friday?

A lack of publicity for Cyber Monday from Tesco suggests it will be a low key affair, but we'll just have to wait and see. Asda is also a key player here - will it take part, or was the attention entirely on Black Friday this year?

2:30pm: Below we've been sent some advice from Shannon Edwards, CEO of Styloko.com, on how best to tackle Cyber Monday.

  1. Know the official retail price before you shop. Before you shop, make sure you really are grabbing a bargain. Check several sites to find out what the suggested retail price is and see if the discount offered really is a deal.
  2. Use email strategically. Set up a separate email address and sign up for emails from all of your favourite brands (as many as you can), then you can sort and search based on details (e.g., % off, timing, codes). Email is still the preferred mode of communication for most retailers when sharing offers.
  3. Shop unsociable hours. Not only can you shop 24/7 online, retailers often release their Black Friday deals at very unsociable hours. In some cases it's part of their marketing strategy, in others they are bridging timezones and want to put all of their offers up at one time.

2:10pm: My colleague Thomas Wyke has just published this article, revealing that up to £1.5 billion is expected to be spent online in the UK today and tomorrow. It also contains stats from Amazon, which claims a staggering 5.5 million items were ordered from its UK store on Black Friday.

2:05pm: Woolworths, long dead on the high street but still thriving online, is getting involved with 'Cyber Week'. Discounts include up to 50% off on electricals, 20% off all toys, and 60% off selected kitchen gadgets.

1:55pm: Although Black Friday has come and gone, Microsoft's online store is still offering discounts on the Surface 2, Surface Pro 3 and Xbox One. Here's a taster of what's on offer:

12:45pm: Tesco has confirmed to IBTimes UK that its Black Friday pages on Tesco Direct will automatically switch to Cyber Monday at 00:01 on Monday morning - midnight tonight.

Let's just hope its servers handle the traffic better than they did on Black Friday...

12:00pm: Over at Amazon you can get a TomTom Start Classic 3.5in sat-nav for £59, down from it's usual price of £102.90. The deal ends at 2pm and stock is 56% sold.

11:55am: Here are some Cyber Monday deals available now from Hot UK Deals:

  • Nintendo 2DS with Super Mario Bros Smash 2 - £79.99 at Tesco
  • White PlayStation 4 with Little Big Planet 3 Extras Edition and Last Of Us Remastered - £299.99 at Game
  • Xbox One with Kinect, plus Assassins Creed: Unity, AC: Black Flag, Dance Central, Shape Up Bundle, £10 Argos voucher and 7% cash back using Quidco - £369.99 at Argos
  • PlayStation 4 plus Minecraft and Little Big Planet, plus £10 Argos voucher - £299.99 at Argos

11:35am: This is a big one. Carphone Warehouse is running a two-day Flash Sale on the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It includes big savings on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s and 5c, with highlights including £200 off the up-front cost of a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus.

For more, click the Read More link below:

11:00am: I know you shouldn't, but doing a bit of online shopping at your desk on Cyber Monday is fully expected. However, a survey is the US has found the number of workers planning to rummage through Amazon for the best Cyber Monday deals has fallen from 54% last year to 47% this year.

The survey also found that senior-level managers are the most likely employees to shop online during working hours on Cyber Monday. Turns out having an office to yourself is handy for these occasions.

10:40am: Currys is continuing its Black Tag sale, which began on Black Friday and will run through the weekend and Cyber Monday. The sale includes savings on televisions, Beats headphones, iPads, Blu-ray players and more.

9:50am: Stepping away from tech for a moment, fashion retailer Asos has reduced everything by 20% for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Simply enter the discount code CYBERWKND20 at the checkout.

We've also found a small Cyber Monday discount at Morrisons. Enter VOU3934116 at the checkout to receive £5 off any order of £80 or more.

9:35am: Following a successful Black Friday, video game and console retailer Game will be launching Cyber Monday deals and discounts on its website soon, IBTimes UK can reveal.

Although not yet mentioned on the Game website, a new page is currently being prepared for Cyber Monday, and will be automatically updated with offers soon. The page can be found at cybermonday.game.co.uk.

Here's what that hidden page currently looks like:

9:20am: Samsung's Black Friday discounts will continue through the weekend and into Cyber Monday. They include up to 50% off cameras, Galaxy tablets, smartphones and accessories.

8:40am: We've spotted that Amazon is offering 44% off the Nokia Lumia 530, which is down from £90 to £44.99. It's a SIM-free handset available in dark grey, green and orange, and the deal lasts until midnight night, 30 November.

08:30am: Straight out of the gates is Motorola, which will be offering £100 off its second-generation Moto X smartphone, taking its price from £420 to £320. Head to this page, sign up between 8am tomorrow, 1 December, and 12pm 2 December to receive the discount.

You can read our review of the 2014 Motorola Moto X here.

Sunday, 8:20am: Hello and welcome to the IBTimes UK live blog for Cyber Monday 2014.

In case you did not know, Cyber Monday is tipped to be the biggest online shopping day of the year – and probably the biggest the UK has ever seen – as dozens of retailers, supermarkets and department stores slash their prices in the run-up to Christmas.

I, Alistair Charlton, will be here throughout Sunday and Monday to guide you through the best deals UK retailers have to offer. We'll see money off smartphones and tablets from Samsung and Motorola, discounted video games and consoles from Game, and a whole heap of sales at Amazon.

But first, a little explainer as to what Cyber Monday is all about...

What is Cyber Monday?

The term was first used by Shop.org in 2005 when, after analysing traffic to its website, it noticed a spike in sales on the first day which people return to work after the Thanksgiving holiday. Although originating in the US, Cyber Monday is recognised by the UK, Canada, Brazil, Portugal and Germany, among others.

It is estimated that online spending in the UK will reach £649.6m ($1.02bn, €816.4m) during the day, according to information services company Experian and Interactive Media in Retail Group, the UK's industry association for online retail.

Black Friday saw shoppers in their millions bombard the websites of Tesco, Currys, Asda, Game, Argos and others in pursuit of a bargain, knocking some offline – Tesco, having hoped to launch its Black Friday deals at midnight, was down for most visitors until after 10am.

The supermarket blamed a five-fold increase in traffic compared to Black Friday last year, so we hope it has upped its capacity for the onslaught coming its way again tomorrow.

Cyber Monday Landing Pages:

We don't know of any specific discounts just yet, but you should expect a repeat performance of Friday from many.

Stay tuned – we'll have much more to share soon.