Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck shrugs off hit-and-run, needing just a clean and PPF replacement. Raises durability questions for other reports. Pexels

Tesla's most debated battery-electric vehicle, the Cybertruck, recently emerged unscathed from a recent hit-and-run collision. This durability feat comes as Dubai Police announced the addition of the Cybertruck to their patrol fleet.

A common joke within the car enthusiast community involves the dismissive notion that any collision damage, regardless of severity, can simply be "buffed out." This light-hearted quip proved surprisingly accurate for a Tesla Cybertruck recently sideswiped by a Ford Mustang.

According to a post on Instagram by Tesla owner @themegawatts, their Cybertruck was recently involved in a sideswipe collision with a Mustang. The impact appeared significant.

Tesla Cybertruck In Hit-and-Run

Notably, the Mustang's side bearing had clear markings from the Cybertruck's paint protection film (PPF). Furthermore, footage captured by the Teslacam system revealed damage to the Mustang's side mirror, substantiating the severity of the collision.

Regrettably, the Mustang driver chose to flee the scene of the accident. The Cybertruck driver did not pursue the Mustang, citing safety concerns. However, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has been notified of the incident and has launched an investigation.

The CHP is also seeking footage and any other details about the collision. Remarkably, the Cybertruck emerged from the collision entirely unscathed. The Tesla owner reported scratches to the truck's paint protection film (PPF) from the incident, but upon removal of the PPF, the underlying stainless steel panels of the all-electric pickup were revealed to be completely undamaged.

In a video posted to YouTube by the Cybertruck owner, the extent of the damage was clear: The truck's steel panels required only cleaning before a new application of PPF. The owner reported that the PPF replacement process took just a couple of hours, leaving the all-electric pickup truck looking immaculate as if the sideswipe collision had never occurred.

A separate YouTube video uploaded just two days ago showed the owner claiming their previous Cybertruck damage had been repaired with a new layer of protective film (PPF). While this fortunate owner escaped a hit-and-run unscathed, reports from other users paint a different picture.

A Tesla owner's excitement over his brand-new Cybertruck recently took a sharp turn. During a post-delivery inspection, he spotted a small indentation on the tailgate. Assuming it was just dirt, he instinctively licked his thumb to wipe it clean. Unfortunately, the indentation turned out to be a hidden hazard. The sharp edge sliced his wrist as he pulled his hand away in surprise.

Sharing a similar story, Texas-based Cybertruck owner Elai documented a frightening incident on TikTok in April. He described the vehicle as a "deathtrap" after experiencing a malfunction where the accelerator pedal cover detached and became lodged beneath the floor mat. This caused the truck to lunge forward uncontrollably at full throttle.

These experiences highlight the mixed results some Cybertruck owners have encountered.

Dubai Police Welcomes Cybertruck: Musk Reacts

In a positive development for Tesla, Dubai Police expressed interest in adding the Cybertruck to their prestigious patrol fleet last November 2019, joining existing high-performance vehicles like Bugattis, Aston Martins, and Porsches.

After four years, the Dubai Police have finally incorporated the Tesla Cybertruck into their impressive collection. When news broke that the Dubai Police had added the Tesla Cybertruck to their supercar fleet, Musk took to social media to share his reaction.

Dubai Police gets Cybertruck
Dubai Police has added the Cybertruck to its already impressive patrol fleet. Twitter / Dubai Policeشرطة دبي @DubaiPoliceHQ

"When news broke that the Dubai Police had added the Tesla Cybertruck to their supercar fleet, Elon Musk took to social media to share his reaction," Dubai Police wrote. Musk responded succinctly to the post, simply stating "Cool" alongside a sunglasses emoji.

Overall, the Tesla Cybertruck has been a conversation starter. While some early adopter experiences have exposed potential design flaws, the Dubai Police's recent addition of the Cybertruck to their fleet suggests ongoing improvements by Tesla.