Tesla Cybertruck
Buyer regrets giant truck! Apartment life and Tesla's one-year no-resale clause leave him stuck with unwanted Cybertruck. Pexels

After being swept up in the hype surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck's unveiling, a customer is now trying to return the truck he just bought.

While vacationing in Bali with his wife, Blaine Raddon pre-ordered the long-awaited Cybertruck, he told Business Insider. Unfortunately, the truck he received just weeks ago no longer fits his lifestyle or parking space.

Buyer's Remorse Hits Hard: Cybertruck Too Big for New Apartment

Just a few weeks after receiving the truck, Raddon expressed his desire to return the truck on X. Much to his chagrin, Tesla won't buy it back from him or let him resell it. "Tesla has refused my request to sell my recently purchased Cybertruck," he wrote in an X post. "They do not want to buy, and have told me I can't sell. It does not fit into the complex I live."

In his X post, Raddon emphasised that he wasn't "trying to make a profit." This limitation stems from Tesla's Cybertruck purchase agreement that includes a clause prohibiting resales within the first year of ownership.

Tesla Cybertruck
A Tesla owner attempts to get rid of his brand new Cybertruck. Reddit / u/godzilla19821982

Disregarding the contract could result in a lawsuit from Tesla, seeking up to $50,000 in damages or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater." Additionally, the agreement allows Tesla to refuse to sell future vehicles to such owners.

Raddon told BI that his life had undergone significant changes since ordering the Cybertruck, rendering it unsuitable for his current needs. Following his separation, Raddon downsized to an apartment complex. Unfortunately, the Cybertruck's size makes parking challenging in the development's garage.

Despite owning multiple Teslas previously, Raddon admits he underestimated the Cybertruck's massive size. Unsurprisingly, it proved "much larger" than anticipated, creating parking hassles.

Blaine Raddon Cybertruck issue
Cybetruck pre-order joy turned to regret as life changed before delivery. Twitter / Blaine Raddon @bradarr

The tight squeeze extends beyond parking. Raddon laments that his limited space makes climbing in and out of the truck challenging. To navigate his parking spot, he needs a cumbersome four-point turn.

Tesla's Resale Restriction Leaves Buyer Frustrated

Raddon reached out to the Salt Lake City Tesla store manager but needed more progress to resolve the situation. Raddon's email to the manager alluded to a prior conversation without mentioning specifics about his current living situation.

He informed the manager that the truck's size significantly exceeded his expectations and requested solutions to address his predicament. Raddon expressed his openness to several solutions. He was willing to trade in the truck for a smaller Tesla sedan, sell it back to Tesla, or sell it himself at no profit.

The manager informed Raddon that the one-year resale restriction applied, but Tesla could potentially grant an exception for unforeseen circumstances compelling a sale. However, granting permission hinges on Tesla's review and acceptance of a written request from the owner.

Suppose the Elon Musk-led automobile company accepts the sale, in that case, the owner will receive a refund of the original purchase price, minus a per-mile deduction for mileage exceeding a set limit, along with any reasonable wear-and-tear and repair costs.

Raddon clarified his situation in a more detailed email to the dealership. He explained that he resided in a single-family home at the time of his Cybertruck order but has since relocated to an apartment complex out of state.

"I am trying to remedy an unfortunate circumstance that the Cybertruck is not manageable in my living situation. Making me keep a truck that does not fit my circumstances appears to be unfair and not at all the spirit of the no sale language in the contract," he wrote in the email.

Tesla's Cybertruck has garnered recent attention, though not always for positive reasons. For example, a recently spotted Cybertruck with a reflective wrap sparked safety concerns. Another incident raised concerns about the Cybertruck's sharp edges. A new owner reportedly cut their arm on the vehicle shortly after receiving it.