Obesity: Main Cause of Social Isolation of Kids
A third-grader who weighs over 200 pounds was taken out of his home in Cleveland, Ohio and placed in foster care, after officials deemed his mother wasn't properly controlling his weight. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh

Cynthia Williams, an obese lady whose life was saved by a gastric bypass surgery, has revealed how she is slowly bringing her sons to their deathbeds.

According to the Daily Mail, Cynthia, who used to weigh 24 stones at her peak, is making her sons follow suit by overfeeding them every day.

After her successful surgery, she shed 7 stones in a year. Cynthia apparently is not financially well-off and so she can't afford her sons to have gastric bypass surgery.

Her sons Joseph, 26, and Mathew, 18, weigh around 30 stones each. "My weight plummeted and theirs soared I felt awful," says the 48-year-old mother.

"I tried to buy healthy food for all of us. I wanted the boys to lose weight like I had, only naturally. But it's hard for them being at home all the time. They are too overweight to work, exercise or socialise. The only thing I can offer them to make them happy is more food," she said.

The 5 feet 2 inches lady came close to death from high blood pressure and diabetes due to obesity.

It was the gastric bypass surgery that saved her. She says she is more active and mobile now. However, her own bad experience with obesity hasn't stopped her from feeding her sons with greasy high calorie foods

For breakfast, she gives her sons six large cream-filled doughnuts with chocolate milk, followed by piles of fried chicken and pasta for lunch. They are given hamburgers and fries for dinner.

The family would snack between meals on chips, pizza, cookies, sweets while washing it down with litres of fizzy pop.

She says that food is the only thing that makes the boys happy and so she can't stop herself from giving them these high calorific foods.

"Mathew was bullied so badly at school that he dropped out and Joseph was too fat to get a job.
We were depressed and morbidly obese - and the only thing that cheered us up was more food," she said.

The doctors' repeated warnings that Mathew and Joseph would die if they continue this diet falls into deaf ears.

Cynthia, who had been married for nine years and divorced, says that it wasn't a happy marriage.

"I felt bad for the boys growing up in such an upsetting environment. So when I left my husband, I was determined to give them everything they wanted to make them happy. So I allowed them to have sweet treats and regularly took them on trips to McDonald's. But despite making them happy in the short term, they piled on weight which actually ended up making them miserable," she says.