John Calhoun of Visceral Games, the studio behind Dead Space 3, claims the developers of the game have tried to expand boundaries, both for the game and the gamers, in terms of content and technology. He pointed to innovations in co-op gameplay, designed to increase the fear factor of Dead Space 3, as an example.

Speaking to PC World, Calhoun said Dead Space 3 "definitely pushed it [contemporary gaming consoles] further than anything we've built in the past".

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Calhoun spoke specifically of experimental prototypes.

"We have our weekly team meetings, where everyone on the team, whether they are an artist, animator, designer [sits in]. We asked what movies we saw that kind out knocked us out of our seat. So we have entire libraries of ideas, looks and images... then we prototype these ideas, such as what happens if all of the lights go out? But if all of the lights go out, how do they affect the player?" he explained.

Calhoum also said the inclusion of a co-op gameplay style made the creative process even more challenging. He said the decision to create two different images - one for each player - required imagination and innovation: "what happens if someone plays co-op and one player sees something the other player doesn't see?"

"... story and gameplay change dynamically as player two drops in and out. We are not doing two completely separate stories. There is one story with one resolution, but the tone and storytelling is radically different... when you are playing alone, the protagonist doesn't really speak much Dead Space 3's protagonist only speaks when it is relevant to the player's experience," Calhoun continued, adding, "All of this changes in co-op, as you have two people moving next to each other. It doesn't feel immersive if they are silent. If they solve a crazy puzzle, it would make sense if they would acknowledge that and feel relieved that they survived. So there is a lot more dialogue when playing co-op."

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