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Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab

  • Delhi record eight-wicket win.
  • Mishra takes four wickets.
  • De Kock scores unbeaten 59
Amit Mishra celebrates his success
Amit Mishra celebrates his success AFP

Delhi Daredevils win by eight wickets!

De Kock guides the hosts to their first victory of the season, scoring an unbeaten 59 from 42 balls. It was a stroll in truth.

That's all we have for you for today - goodnight!

Delhi Daredevils 102/2 (13/20 ov)

Wicket Samson b Patel 33

Samson misses a straight delivery with just 12 runs needed. Still, he's almost got his team over the winning line.

De Kock will look to finish it in this next over, surely!?

Delhi Daredevils 96/1 (12/20 ov)

Quinton de Kock brings up a 38-ball half-century in style, launching Mitchell Johnson of all people into the crowd. What a talent he is.

The pulled six followed a couple of boundaries earlier in the over and the Daredevils are now within sight of victory. This match has been painfully one-sided for the most part, it must be said.

Delhi Daredevils 79/1 (11/20 ov)

Samson finds the boundary twice in the 11th over, powering his team towards victory at the Kotla.

The Kings XI's early optimism appears to have already evaporated. The Daredevils require another 28 runs with 9 wickets left.

Delhi Daredevils 68/1 (10/20 ov)

After a sluggish start, Delhi are trying to race their way to the finish line. Samson firstly smears the ball down the ground and to the boundary.

And as De Kock tries to join in the fun, he faces a strong LBW appeal from Mohit Sharma. The South African survives and Delhi look to be coasting to victory.

Delhi Daredevils 60/1 (9/20 ov)

Sahu and Mishra are enjoying contrasting nights for the time being. The Kings XI's leg-spinner is smashed into the stands from the final ball of the over and suddenly, Delhi look to be waltzing towards victory.

Delhi would struggle to lose from here.

Delhi Daredevils 50/1 (8/20 ov)

Saha's missed stumping chance might just prove fatal. The South African batsman, one of the rising stars of the game, takes three boundaries off the bowling of Axar Patel.

The Daredevils now require just another 62 runs with 9 wickets left. It should be an easy equation.

Delhi Daredevils 38/1 (7/20 ov)

Leg-spinner Pradeep Sahu is introduced into the attack. Can he produce the same magic as Amit Mishra? He might need to given the state of the game.

He concedes ten from his first over, which includes four wides from a missed stumping opportunity. Saha misses the chance off de Kock, who tried to flick the ball away and missed it.

Delhi Daredevils 28/1 (6/20 ov)

De Kock faces up to the returning Mitchell Johnson, and he glances him down to the fine leg boundary off the fourth ball of the over.

The South African could be key to this run chase.

Delhi Daredevils 20/1 (5/20 ov)

A potentially match-turning over, this. Vijay drops de Kock in the deep, but the South African left-hander slaps the last ball to the boundary to ease the pressure.

The Kings XI cannot afford to drop players of de Kock's quality.

Delhi Daredevils 12/1 (4/20 ov)

Mohit Sharma replaces Mitchell Johnson, and he delivers a very tidy over. Just three runs from the over.

Delhi Daredevils 9/1 (3/20 ov)

A wicket maiden from Sandeep Sharma, who has been right on the mark for his first two overs. This is really good stuff from the Kings XI. If only Mitchell Johnson catches fire...

A fan watches from the sidelines
A fan watches from the sidelines AFP

Wicket: Iyer c †Saha b Sandeep Sharma 3

We might just have a game on here. Sandeep Sharma has Iyer caught behind and the Kings XI have the wicket they so desperately needed.

Sharma celebrates taking a wicket
Sharma celebrates taking a wicket AFP

Delhi Daredevils 9/0

Another quiet over for the Daredevils. Taking there time for the moment, although, credit to the Kings XI and Mitchell Johnson, he was nice and tight with his lines in that over.

Delhi Daredevils 6/0 (1/20 ov)

A sold start from Delhi, with de Kock lashing one ball to the boundary but being fairly watchful besides that.

The hosts may look to create a solid platform before really getting into fifth gear.

We're back under way at the Kotla. Quinton de Kock has the bat in hand - he won't want to hang around too long.

Kings XI Punjab 111/9 (20/20 ov)

Sahu hits the ball into the stands and the Kings XI have a score - albeit a modest score - to defend.

Kings XI Punjab 99/9 (19/20 ov)

Wicket: Johnson b Morris 4

Chris Morris fools Mitch with a slower ball. Just one wicket (and little hope) left for the Kings XI.

Delhi have been excellent in the field, but deary me, the Kings XI have been shocking.

Kings XI Punjab 96/8 (18/20 ov)

Right, just two overs and two batsmen left for the Kings XI - what can they scrape to from here?

Wicket: Sharma c Morris b Khan 15

Zaheer Khan - who has been excellent this evening - gets his first wicket of the game.

Chris Morris takes the catch and Kings XI are eight down.

Kings XI Punjab 90/7 (17/20 ov)

Chris Morris sends down another thunderous over, getting above 90mph on the speedgun.

Three overs left now, and the Kings XI still haven't passed the 100 mark.

Kings XI Punjab 85/7 (16/20 ov)

Mohit Sharma comes to the crease and he immediately shows a bit of intent. He hits a four and then a six. Where have they been hiding this man?

Wicket: Patel c Negi b Yadav 11

Yadav has his first wicket of the evening. The off-spinner removes Patel to leave the Kings XI on a rather sad-looking score of 73 for 7.

Kings XI Punjab 73/6 (15/20 ov)

Patel scores the first boundary since the eighth over! Bisecting the two men on the boundary with a well-placed pull shot.

Five overs left - what can the Kings XI get from here?

Vohra loses his leg stump
Vohra loses his leg stump AFP

Kings XI Punjab 68/6 (14/20 ov)

It's the big-hitting Mitchell Johnson at the crease now. The left-hander is a noted boundary hitter, but he's playing sensibly for the time being.

Just three runs from Yadav's latest over. This is an incredible limp effort from the Kings XI.

Kings XI Punjab 65/6 (13/20 ov)

Wicket: Saha run out 3

This is such bad cricket you're almost tempted to laugh. Saha hits the ball to point and sets off for a single that isn't on. The batsman realises it too late and finds himself short of his ground.

Kings XI Punjab 63/5 (12/20 ov)

Yadav nips in with another tidy over. At this rate, the Kings XI are struggling to post 100.

Patel and Saha are the new men at the crease, by the way. I assume they'll look for singles and twos for the next couples of over, before hopefully exploding towards the back end of their innings.

Kings XI Punjab 59/5 (11/20 ov)

Mishra has four wickets for 11 runs in his three-over spell so far. Surely this is match-winning effort from the spinner? He has bowled beautifully, even though the batting has left much to be desired.

Amit Mishra celebrates his success
Amit Mishra celebrates his success AFP

Wicket: Vohra b Mishra 32

Another over for Mishra and another wicket. It's a crucial one, too. Vohra had looked good so far, but his timber has been disturbed.

It's one wrong 'un after another from the leggie, and they just can't pick him. The leg pole is knocked back on this occasion and Delhi are in a mess.

Kings XI Punjab 58/4 (10/20 ov)

Four runs from the next over from Yadav. Delhi are going nowhere in a hurry here. They are stuck between trying to rebuild and needing to increase their run rate.

Another wicket could prove fatal, but they must also know they are well behind where they want and need to be.

Carols Brathwaite in the field
Carols Brathwaite in the field AFP

Kings XI Punjab 54/4 (9/20 ov)

Mishra has three for ten so far. Where was he at the T20 World Cup, Indian fans must be asking.

Wicket: Maxwell c Brathwaite b Mishra 0

From bad to worse to ... a disaster. Maxwell has gone now, too. The Australian failed to pick the first two balls he faced (both of which were wrong 'uns) and couldn't survive the third.

The batsman skies that ball down to long-off, after failing to hold his shape on the shot. For all the hype, Maxwell has yet to deliver at this year's IPL. Delhi are in a pickle.

Wicket: Miller lbw b Mishra 9

Delhi are three down - and this is a huge blow! The captain Miller has gone LBW to Mishra, the leggie's second wicket of the match so far. It looks like a wrong 'un on the replay.

Delhi were seeking something special from their captain, but he hasn't delivered. They slip further into the mire.

David Miller is trapped LBW
David Miller is trapped LBW AFP

Kings XI Punjab 52/2 (8/20 ov)

Morris sends down another good over, until the final ball goes to the fence. Vohra gets and past the 'keeper to ease some of the pressure on the batting side.

Kings XI Punjab 45/2 (7/20 ov)

The skipper David Miller is the new batsman. The South African comes to the crease with much work still needing to be done.

He starts well, though, finding the boundary with his secondary delivery and then running a pair of twos to finish the over.

Wicket: SE Marsh st †de Kock b Mishra 13

Amir Mishra, an old fashioned leg-spinner, strikes with his first ball. The hard-hitting Shaun Marsh is lured down the train and is stumped by Quinton de Kock - the Kings XI have two.

Cue some Imran Tahir-like celebrations from the leggie - he clearly enjoyed that!

Shaun Marsh is stumped
Shaun Marsh is stumped AFP

Kings XI Punjab 37/1 (6/20 ov)

It's the last over of the fielding restrictions and Vohra has clearly had enough. The batsman finds the boundary three times to lift the run rate above six an over.

Despite this, that powerplay still belongs to the Kings XI, who have been impressively disciplined in the opening overs. Can they maintain these standards, though? We're about to find out...

Kings XI Punjab 23/1 (5/20 ov)

Marsh breaks the shackles somewhat, with a boundary off the bowling of Zaheer, who has rolled back the years so far today.

Still, another good over from the World Cup-winning left-armer - just six runs from it.

Kings XI Punjab 17/1 (4/20 ov)

It's Chris Morris' turn at the bowling crease now, and the South African waists little time in getting into the action, as the speedgun shows he's bowling above 90mph.

Another quiet over, too, with only four runs coming from it. This is a cracking start from the hosts.

Kings XI Punjab 12/1 (3/20 ov)

Brilliant stuff from Zaheer at the other end, who delivers a rare maiden in this form of the game. The captain is leading by example with the ball, even if his fielding has left a little to be desired so far.

Zaheer Khan impressed with the ball
Zaheer Khan impressed with the ball AFP

Kings XI Punjab 12/1 (2/20 ov)

Shaun Marsh is the new man and after that shocking run out, he scores a boundary off his second delivery. The Australian cuts the ball past slip and down to the fence.

It's been a dramatic start at the Kotla.

Wicket: M Vijay run out 1

An awful piece of cricket leads to Murali Vijay being run out. Vohra - who hits a boundary off the previous ball - chips the ball in the air and Zaheer Khan shells a pretty straightforward chance.

But in amongst the shambles, the batsmen decide to take on his arm and Vijay finds himself short of his ground. That was dreadful stuff.

Delhi players celebrate a wicket
Delhi players celebrate a wicket AFP

Kings XI Punjab 2/0 (1/20 ov)

A great over from the skipper to open up, as he concedes just two runs from it. The canny left-armer shows all his skill and experience, swinging the ball both ways and keeping a nice, tight line, too.

Zaheer Khan to open the bowling. Here we go...

From an English viewpoint, there may be a modicum of frustration that Sam Billings has not been selected today.

The dynamic right-hander is among the most destructive players in the English game, but is still waiting for his chance in India.

Having said that, he is sure to have learned something from watching some of the world's best players in action.

Sam Billings
Sam Billings (left) is a powerful batsman Getty

One wonders if Delhi's decision to bowl first has been influenced by what happened in their first game, when they were dismissed for less than 100.

Alternatively, it may just be Miller thinks this is the best way for his side to get into the game, as they seek their first win of the 2016 IPL season.

We're less than 20 minutes away from the start of the match now, by the way.

All eyes will be on Glenn Maxwell today, with the Australian under pressure to perform.

Despite being one of the most sought-after players in the world, Maxwell's recent form in the IPL has been indifferent.

He'll be hoping today is when his fortunes change.

Glenn Maxwell
Glenn Maxwell has emerged as a top international player in recent years Reuters

Thoughts of the captains...

"With a young batting line-up, better to go in knowing the target," says Zaheer Khan. "Two changes, Jayant Yadav comes in, JP Duminy comes in. Nathan Coultner-Nile out and Mayank Agarwal out."

And what of David Miller?

"We wanted to bowl as well," the South African says. "The pitch has a tinge of green. Shaun Marsh comes in for Marcus Stoinis."

Breaking news:

Daredevils have won the toss and will bowl.

Full team news to follow...

David Miller has been on the outfield in Delhi, leading his team through their warm-up routine.

The skipper will be performing his captaincy duties at the toss in a minute, too. A lot of pressure on the young South African - can he handle it?

Back to the game, meanwhile ... and the players are going through their last-minute preparations ahead of the toss.

Delhi were out on the field last night practising their catching.

Away from this particular game, there has been news emerging about the 2016 IPL more generally. It relates to the state-wide drought in Maharashtra, which has led to call for the tournament to be amended.

These are some of the new recommendations, which the IPL Governing Council still needs to ratify:

  • Pune have picked Visakhapatnam as their new home.
  • The IPL final and Qualifier 1 are likely to be shifted to Bangalore
  • Mumbai will choose their home venue on Sunday. Jaipur, Raipur and Kanpur are in the running
  • Qualifier 2 and the Eliminator will be played in Kolkata

Team news

As we wait for the toss to take place, here's a reminder of the two squads for today's game.

Delhi Daredevils

Squad: Mayank Agarwal, Quinton de Kock (WK), Shreyas Iyer, Sanju Samson, Karun Nair, Pawan Negi, Carlos Brathwaite, Chris Morris, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Amit Mishra, Zaheer Khan (C).

Kings XI Punjab

Squad: Manan Vohra, Murali Vijay, David Miller (C), Wriddhiman Saha (WK), Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Mitchell Johnson, Pardeep Sahu, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma.

Quinton de Kock
Quinton de Kock is a rising star of the world game Getty Images


Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab started the ninth edition of the IPL with a defeat.

The Daredevils lost to two-time IPL champions Kolkata Knight Riders, while newcomers Gujarat Lions registered a comfortable victory over David Miller's side.

Kings XI Punjab
David Miller and Shaun Marsh's contributions will be key for Kings XI Punjab's fortunes in IPL 2016 Getty

Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of the latest game in the 2016 edition of the IPL. Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab come head-to-head in what promises to be an exciting clash.

These sides feature some thrilling talents, but having both lost their opening fixtures, the pressure is already on them.

We'll have plenty of pre-match coverage as well as the all-important toss news for you over the next hour, so stay tuned...