Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab

  • Delhi record eight-wicket win.
  • Mishra takes four wickets.
  • De Kock scores unbeaten 59
Amit Mishra celebrates his success
Amit Mishra celebrates his success AFP

Delhi Daredevils win by eight wickets!

De Kock guides the hosts to their first victory of the season, scoring an unbeaten 59 from 42 balls. It was a stroll in truth.

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Delhi Daredevils 102/2 (13/20 ov)

Wicket Samson b Patel 33

Samson misses a straight delivery with just 12 runs needed. Still, he's almost got his team over the winning line.

De Kock will look to finish it in this next over, surely!?


Delhi Daredevils 96/1 (12/20 ov)

Quinton de Kock brings up a 38-ball half-century in style, launching Mitchell Johnson of all people into the crowd. What a talent he is.

The pulled six followed a couple of boundaries earlier in the over and the Daredevils are now within sight of victory. This match has been painfully one-sided for the most part, it must be said.


Delhi Daredevils 79/1 (11/20 ov)

Samson finds the boundary twice in the 11th over, powering his team towards victory at the Kotla.

The Kings XI's early optimism appears to have already evaporated. The Daredevils require another 28 runs with 9 wickets left.


Delhi Daredevils 68/1 (10/20 ov)

After a sluggish start, Delhi are trying to race their way to the finish line. Samson firstly smears the ball down the ground and to the boundary.

And as De Kock tries to join in the fun, he faces a strong LBW appeal from Mohit Sharma. The South African survives and Delhi look to be coasting to victory.


Delhi Daredevils 60/1 (9/20 ov)

Sahu and Mishra are enjoying contrasting nights for the time being. The Kings XI's leg-spinner is smashed into the stands from the final ball of the over and suddenly, Delhi look to be waltzing towards victory.

Delhi would struggle to lose from here.


Delhi Daredevils 50/1 (8/20 ov)

Saha's missed stumping chance might just prove fatal. The South African batsman, one of the rising stars of the game, takes three boundaries off the bowling of Axar Patel.

The Daredevils now require just another 62 runs with 9 wickets left. It should be an easy equation.


Delhi Daredevils 38/1 (7/20 ov)

Leg-spinner Pradeep Sahu is introduced into the attack. Can he produce the same magic as Amit Mishra? He might need to given the state of the game.

He concedes ten from his first over, which includes four wides from a missed stumping opportunity. Saha misses the chance off de Kock, who tried to flick the ball away and missed it.


Delhi Daredevils 28/1 (6/20 ov)

De Kock faces up to the returning Mitchell Johnson, and he glances him down to the fine leg boundary off the fourth ball of the over.

The South African could be key to this run chase.


Delhi Daredevils 20/1 (5/20 ov)

A potentially match-turning over, this. Vijay drops de Kock in the deep, but the South African left-hander slaps the last ball to the boundary to ease the pressure.

The Kings XI cannot afford to drop players of de Kock's quality.


Delhi Daredevils 12/1 (4/20 ov)

Mohit Sharma replaces Mitchell Johnson, and he delivers a very tidy over. Just three runs from the over.


Delhi Daredevils 9/1 (3/20 ov)

A wicket maiden from Sandeep Sharma, who has been right on the mark for his first two overs. This is really good stuff from the Kings XI. If only Mitchell Johnson catches fire...

A fan watches from the sidelines
A fan watches from the sidelines AFP


Wicket: Iyer c †Saha b Sandeep Sharma 3

We might just have a game on here. Sandeep Sharma has Iyer caught behind and the Kings XI have the wicket they so desperately needed.

Sharma celebrates taking a wicket
Sharma celebrates taking a wicket AFP


Delhi Daredevils 9/0

Another quiet over for the Daredevils. Taking there time for the moment, although, credit to the Kings XI and Mitchell Johnson, he was nice and tight with his lines in that over.


Delhi Daredevils 6/0 (1/20 ov)

A sold start from Delhi, with de Kock lashing one ball to the boundary but being fairly watchful besides that.

The hosts may look to create a solid platform before really getting into fifth gear.


We're back under way at the Kotla. Quinton de Kock has the bat in hand - he won't want to hang around too long.


Kings XI Punjab 111/9 (20/20 ov)

Sahu hits the ball into the stands and the Kings XI have a score - albeit a modest score - to defend.


Kings XI Punjab 99/9 (19/20 ov)

Wicket: Johnson b Morris 4

Chris Morris fools Mitch with a slower ball. Just one wicket (and little hope) left for the Kings XI.

Delhi have been excellent in the field, but deary me, the Kings XI have been shocking.


Kings XI Punjab 96/8 (18/20 ov)

Right, just two overs and two batsmen left for the Kings XI - what can they scrape to from here?


Wicket: Sharma c Morris b Khan 15

Zaheer Khan - who has been excellent this evening - gets his first wicket of the game.

Chris Morris takes the catch and Kings XI are eight down.


Kings XI Punjab 90/7 (17/20 ov)

Chris Morris sends down another thunderous over, getting above 90mph on the speedgun.

Three overs left now, and the Kings XI still haven't passed the 100 mark.


Kings XI Punjab 85/7 (16/20 ov)

Mohit Sharma comes to the crease and he immediately shows a bit of intent. He hits a four and then a six. Where have they been hiding this man?


Wicket: Patel c Negi b Yadav 11

Yadav has his first wicket of the evening. The off-spinner removes Patel to leave the Kings XI on a rather sad-looking score of 73 for 7.


Kings XI Punjab 73/6 (15/20 ov)

Patel scores the first boundary since the eighth over! Bisecting the two men on the boundary with a well-placed pull shot.

Five overs left - what can the Kings XI get from here?

Vohra loses his leg stump
Vohra loses his leg stump AFP