Senate report
Dianne Feinstein suggested the president would encounter conflicts of interest with his business. Reuters

A Democrat senator has suggested US President Donald Trump " will get himself out" of office.

Speaking in Los Angeles, Senator Dianne Feinstein responded to a protester who claimed the president was "breaking laws every day".

The demonstrator said: ""There's so many things that he's doing that are unconstitutional. How are we going to get him out?"

Feinstein told the protester: "I think he's gonna get himself out" referring to potential conflicts of interest between Trumps business and his role as president, The Hill reported.

"I think sending sons to another country to make a financial deal for his company and then have that covered with government expenses, I believe those government expenses should not be allowed," Feinstein continued, appearing to allude to a business trip taken by Eric and Donald jr to Dubai.

However, the senator refused to answer another question from the audience about whether she believed Trump had committed any offences that could result in his impeachment.

The president's decision to allow his sons to take over his business has faced some criticism as it doesn't not equate to placing assets in a "blind trust" which past presidents have done to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Trump's oldest daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, who were heavily involved in his business, have followed her father to Washington D.C. and have also relinquished their executive roles in the family business in order to support her father in his new role as president.