The Democratic National Committee (DNC) criticised US President Donald Trump after a National Parks Service Twitter account posted tweets about climate change which were then removed. This happened days after his administration told Environmental Protection Agency employees not to talk to press, and after the National Parks Service (NPS) was told by the Interior Department to stop posting after retweeting two posts critical of Trump.

"Vladimir Putin would be proud," DNC press secretary, Adrienne Watson said in a statement that was issued "in response to the deletion of the Badlands National Park Service tweets about climate change in defiance of President Trump's gag order".

After retweeting two posts, one pointing out the difference in crowd sizes between Donald Trump's and Barack Obama's inaugurations, and another about civil rights and climate change no longer being mentioned on the White House website, the NPS were told in an email obtained by reporters to "immediately cease use of government Twitter accounts until further notice".

On Tuesday (24 January) the Badlands National Park Twitter account started sharing statistics about climate change, including facts about ocean acidification and the rapidly increasing levels of carbon in the atmosphere. The tweets were later taken down but not before people had taken and shared screenshots.