Donald Trump's new director of the CIA has claimed he is "looking forward" to starting work –despite the bad blood between the president and the agency.

Mike Pompeo said in a letter sent to the CIA, and seen by The Hill, that he is eager to join them and learn more about how the intelligence agency keep the US safe.

"I come to the agency as a longtime admirer, well acquainted with your skill, courage, and dedication during my years on the House Intelligence Committee," Pompeo, who was approved for the role by senators on 23 January, wrote in his letter.

He said he had spoken with previous directors of the agency about their role and explained: "To a person, they emphasised one point above all others: the extraordinary talent of the CIA workforce – something I appreciate from firsthand knowledge.

"They all said it was the best job they had ever had."

Trump has previously angered US intelligence agencies including the CIA after he appeared to refute their report that suggested Russia was behind the US election hack on the DNC.

Furthermore, in a speech made at the CIA this week, Trump hit out at the media for their coverage of the fallout, rather than taking the opportunity to reassure the agency he was behind them.

However, Pompeo's letter spoke directly to people working for the CIA, encouraging them to reach out to him.

"I want to hear from you – and learn from you – as I gain a greater understanding of the agency's opportunity to improve how we keep America safe," he said.

"Our first opportunity to get together as a full group will be later this week in the auditorium. I look forward to that first conversation. After many weeks of anticipation, I am eager to join you, energised by the prospect of what we will achieve together."