A tearful Mick Philpott, 54, alongside his wife, Mairead, spoke to the press and thanked the rescuers and family who were on the scene as well as his three eldest children who he said were easing the load.

The couple took care to thank each of the people involved and those who have been supporting the family throughout the ordeal.

He said: "First of all, I want to thank my three eldest children because they have helped us cope.

"And then there's a young lad who tried to get in the house the same as myself.

"Then of course there is the four firemen, the police, the ambulances, the doctors and nurses - everybody who tried to help save our children.

"We can't express our gratitude enough. It's not just us that have suffered, it's them as well - it's everybody."

The couple were distraught throughout their press conference and vowed to donate their 13-year-old child's, Duwayne Philpott, organs.

"That makes us happy and it takes a bit of the pain away," he said.

"We grew up in a community that's been through a lot of problems with violence and to see this community come together like it has, it's too overwhelming.

"Those poor gentlemen from the fire brigade, who saw what we saw - my heart goes out to them."

Steve Cotterill, Assistant Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police confirmed that the fire started below the letterbox of the front door of the house. He added that petrol was used to help make the fire spread faster.

Appealing for witnesses, Cotterill said: "I would ask people to continue helping us with our investigation by checking the area they live for signs of discarded containers which may have contained petrol.

"I am also appealing for forecourt staff to come forward if they can recall selling petrol in a container to anyone in the days leading up to the fire."

Mike Philpott's 14-year-old son, Mikey Philpott, called for his sibling's murderer to be caught swiftly.

He said: "It's tearing us to pieces that they have gone just like that. It's been really hard to take it all in. I've broke down a few times.

"I'd like justice for my brothers and sisters more than anything - it is strung out that someone can just do something like that."