The US may have joined only Syria and Nicaragua in rejecting the Paris Climate Agreement but that has not stopped key American figures from showing solidarity with the movement to tackle global warming.

Hawaii's Governor David Ige signed two bills to align the Pacific island US state to the principles of the Paris Agreement. In addition, mayors from around the state also joined in the message of solidarity, signing a commitment agreement to follows the goals set out at the COP21 meeting.

"Hawai'i is committed to environmental stewardship, and we look forward to working with other states to fight global climate change. Together, we can directly contribute to the global agenda of achieving a more resilient and sustainable island Earth," said Gov. Ige.

"The Hawaii State Legislature understands the importance of taking action, and I applaud its work this session to ensure that we continue to deliver the island Earth that we want to leave to our children."

One bill, SB 559, expanded "strategies and mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions statewide" while the other, HB 1578, "establishes the Carbon Farming Task Force within the Office of Planning to identify agricultural and aquacultural practices to improve soil health and promote carbon sequestration".

Surfers walks along the beach in Hawaii
A surfer walks along the sidewalk at Waikiki Beach past a rainbow in the sky in Honolulu, Hawaii. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Hawaii Senate majority leader, J. Kalani English, said that SB 559 "adopted relevant sections of the Paris agreement as state law, which gives us legal basis to continue adaptation and mitigation strategies for Hawai'i, despite the Federal government's withdrawal from the treaty."

Hawaii is also one of twelves states, along with Puerto Rico, to sign up to the US Climate Alliance, states committing to uphold the tenets of the Paris Agreement regardless of the federal government's stance.