Former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos made a shock exit from his club of 16 years late this summer. In an explosive move that sent headlines ablaze, the Spaniard signed with Paris Saint-Germain just days later. However, several weeks into the 2020/22 season, he has yet to make a contribution on the pitch.

Ramos has been suffering from a string of injuries since the start of the year, and these kept him sidelined in the final months of his career as a Real Madrid player. Unfortunately, despite taking several months off to recover, he is not expected to suit up for his new club until the end of September at the very least.

As of now, Marca reports that Ramos is due to return by September 22 when PSG face Metz in Ligue 1. However, that may still change depending on the player's progress in the coming weeks.

Former PSG player Jerome Rothen spoke up about the situation, and said that he is not optimistic about the centre-back's future in Paris. "Sustaining a calf muscle injury towards the end of your career is really bad news because it's an injury that you seldom make a full recovery from," he said.

Rothen believes that the 35-year-old does not have time on his side when it comes to his injury troubles. "When a player reaches a certain age, he needs to play a number of games to get back into form. Will he be able to get back to top level if he has constant pains in his calf? I have serious doubts about that."

Ramos had a massively successful career with Real Madrid, and he left the club as one of the most well-respected captains of all time. However, Rothen does not believe that the qualities that made Ramos effective as a leader in the Real Madrid dressing room will make the same impact at the Parc des Princes.

"When he arrived, everyone said that Sergio Ramos was going to change the mentality inside the dressing room. But today, Marquinhos and Kimpembe are way above Ramos in terms of influence," he said. In conclusion, he feels that PSG may have made a bad investment in the Spaniard especially if he does not make a difference on the pitch very soon.

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos was injured playing in Spain's 6-0 hammering of Germany AFP / Fabrice COFFRINI