Jamie Dornan
Jamie Dornan topped Glamour magazine's list of sexiet men for second year. David Cannon / Getty

A moustache, a goatee, an anchor, a Hollywoodian or even just stubble. However you prefer men to wear their facial hair, beards are officially in! According to Glamour Magazine's Sexiest Men for 2017 list, the days when a man's clean-shaven, baby-smooth face made him a catch are long gone, so maybe he should consider dumping the razors and rocking a more rugged look.

With the help of 80,000 readers, the magazine ranked some of the Tinseltown's leading men and noticed an obvious trend along the way. The list of celebrity men included the likes of Captain America star Chris Evans and Scottish hunk James McAvoy – and an astounding 63 of the 100 men have some fuzz on their face.

Jamie Dornan, who topped the list for the second year running, previously revealed that he hated his face sans beard. "I swear to God I really hate it. I always think I look really young," the Fifty Shades star said during an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show back in September. " I think when I'm clean shaven, I look like a thumb."

According to psychologist and language expert Judi James, where the hipster look once made a man appear "untrustworthy" and beards were considered "unhygienic", it's now OK to love a guy with long facial fuzz again.

"The bearded male is seen as being stronger and more alpha. Clean-shaven equals equality and youth but the beard signals virility and blatant masculinity. It defines the difference between the sexes and it suggests a desire for alpha power in times of crisis and change," she said.

"The beard signals good strong mating potential. The chin defines power and even strength of character and resolve, and the beard itself underlines those signals, hiding any weak or receding chin and making most faces look more handsome. It makes men look more similar, giving plainer guys a better run in the looks department, a little as cosmetics can be seen to do for a woman."

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Glamour Magazine's Top Ten Sexiest Men of 2017

1. Jamie Dornan (beard)

2. Aidan Turner (beard)

3. Robert Pattinson (beard)

4. James McAvoy (beard)

5. Luke Evans (beard)

6. Chris Evans (beard)

7. Mike Colter (beard)

8. Matt Bomer (no beard)

9. Tom Hiddleston (no beard)

10. Joe Wicks (beard)