Dominos Pizza Chain
Dominos worker filmed buying bags of wedges in Aldi

Domino's Pizza Chain has spoken out about the "unfortunate" incident involving one of its workers turning to Aldi to stock up on potato wedges during the World Cup.

The man was filmed buying the 59p bags of wedges at a budget supermarket near to Domino's in Linlithgow, West Lothian, where they can be sold for £3.49 a portion.

The customer who spotted the Aldi purchase told the Daily Record: "I had a bit of a chuckle – but it's really cheeky flogging Aldi products as their own."

Initially staff claimed they had bought the wedges for their own use, but then admitted later they had run out of their own wedges and blamed the shortage on the World Cup and Wimbledon.

A spokesman for Domino's said: "Very occasionally stores are in an unfortunate situation where some products may run out.

"Domino's Pizza has extremely rigorous food standards for all of their products in order to maintain the high level of quality that customers expect.

"Our franchisees agree to purchase the product from approved suppliers and we do not advocate this as a solution. We have spoken to the store to ensure ordering has been adjusted to fully cover this busy period and that our customers get Domino's wedges."