Just days after leaving Europe and the G20 summit, Donald Trump is already preparing for his next jaunt – this time to France.

Trump accepted an invitation from the French President Emmanuel Macron to join him for the annual Bastille Day military parade along the Champs-Élysées.

It has been revealed that the pair will dine in an exclusive restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

On the Thursday evening before the parade on the 14 July, the presidents will have dinner in Le Jules Verne, located on the second floor of the tower.

Boasting some of the best views of Paris, the restaurant will be closed off to the public for the VIP guests.

Members of the public hoping to eat lunch or dinner there usually have to book several months in advance.

A six course taster menu sets you back €230 per person, all before you get your hands on any of the 430 wines the restaurant has in its cellar.

According to Paris Match, Macron and Trump will have blue lobster and caviar as the highlights of the meal.

The restaurant's website claims the atmosphere provides a "unique venue infused with dreams and magic".

Macron's invitation to Trump came as a surprise to some after the pair got off to a frosty start, which involved a much-discussed handshake when they first met in May.

However, this year's Bastille Day celebrations will also recognise the 100th anniversary of the US entering the First World War, with US soldiers marching alongside French military during the parade.

French government spokesman Christophe Castaner said that the invitation was in honour of the US.

"There's also a strong political dimension. Emmanuel Macron wants to try to prevent the president of the United States being isolated. He [Trump] sometimes takes decisions that we disagree with, on climate change for example," Castaner added.

Since the invitation was accepted, relations haven't improved between Europe and the US. The G20 summit saw Trump remain firm on his stance regarding the Paris climate agreement.

Le Jules Verne
Le Jules Verne