Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly Fox News

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has reignited his feud with Fox anchor Megyn Kelly, calling the presenter "crazy" and "unwatchable" in a series of Tweets. The GOP candidate blasted the journalist following the 15 March primaries, stating he was going to watch the results on Fox but having seen Kelly would be presenting, opted for CNN.

Trump's dislike of Kelly is well-documented, beginning at the first GOP debate in August 2015, when Kelly questioned Trump about his attitude towards women, and growing later when Trump referred to Kelly as a bimbo for posing in GQ magazine.

Trump also famously refused to participate in a Fox presidential debate after he found out Kelly would be hosting – asking the channel to dump the political pundit, which they refused to do.

Later, Trump did take part in debates in which Kelly was on the panel, but has made no secret of his dislike for the journalist, adding fuel to the fire in his latest series of tweets.

As the results rolled in, Trump referred to the anchor as "crazy" Megyn, telling his followers he found her "unwatchable" and questioned why she mentioned him so much.

He also retweeted a line from the account Dump Fox News, which read: "If media wasn't so biased against Trump, he would have won all of the delegates."

Kelly, for her part, opted not to respond to Trump's digs, instead live tweeting the election results and commenting on the political landscape, as is her job.

Trump scored a victory in the primaries, winning in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, with Missouri currently a close tie with Cruz, meaning the delegates remain unallocated, while fellow Republican candidate Marco Rubio has withdrawn from the race.