The next cover of The New Yorker magazine depicts US President Donald Trump as a scary clown in the woods. The 30 October issue marks Halloween and expresses the artist's view that Trump's presidency has been a "national nightmare".

Illustrator Carter Goodrich said his "whole life had been disrupted" by Trump's victory over Hilary Clinton and the ensuing 12 months of chaos and division.

"I'm still just as stunned now as I was a year ago, on Election Night. I have been asked to work on movies about him. I can't do it; most satire seems to lighten what feels to me like a dire situation. He's already a cartoon villain, infantile and strange," he added, in conversation with the New Yorker.

It is not the first time Trump has been portrayed as a clown. On 9 November, as Germany woke up to news that he had won the US presidential election, the Morgenpost ran the headline: "Do not ask the horror clown."

Six months later when Trump attended the G20 summit in Hamburg, the same paper issued free stickers of Trump's face, with the caption: "Horror Clowns? No Thanks", and ran the headline: "Stick one to Trump."

This was a reference to an anti-nuclear slogan from the 1980s, "Nuclear power? No thanks".

More controversially, the German magazine Der Spiegel depicted Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty in the manner of an Isis executioner along with the caption: "America First," in February 2017.

Editor-in-chief Klaus Brinkbaeumer defended the decision, saying: "We want to show what this is about, it's about democracy, it's about freedom, it's about freedom of the press, freedom of justice and all that is seriously endangered."

The magazine has also depicted the 45th president as a Klu Klux Klan member and a fiery asteroid homing in on the earth.

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Morgenposten Trump Horror Clown
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