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1 February 2017: US President Donald Trump pulls a chair out for Paula White from the New Christian Destiny Center Carlos Barria/Reuters

President Donald Trump has spent more than $133,000 (£105,000) on furnishings for the White House in little over four months.

The Republican dropped an impressive $133,054 sprucing up his new home between the inauguration on 20 January and 31 May, according to documents published by US news site Mic.

That sum is almost treble the $51,204 predecessor Barack Obama spent on furnishings for the corresponding period after his inauguration in 2009.

However, these figures do not include the month of June, for which Obama spent around $70,000 on furniture and fittings compared with Trump's $17,000 – albeit the Donald has 10 days left to go.

One of Trump's most expensive acquisitions was a $13,000 conference table from Kittinger. The manufacturer has a history of supplying the White House.

Its website says: "President Nixon, after visiting Europe in 1969, realized the White House looked quite shabby compared to similar homes of European Heads of State.

"President Nixon commissioned Kittinger Furniture in November of 1969 to refurbish the West Wing. The first area was the Cabinet Room.

"A 22.5 foot long table and 24 chairs, one chair being 2.5 inches higher than the rest for the President. President Nixon paid for the table himself."

It is not the first time Trump and Nixon have compared with one another. Many have pointed out the similarities between the Russia scandal slowly engulfing the Trump administration and Nixon's own Watergate affair.

One clear difference between the two men however, is that Nixon paid for his Kittinger table whereas Trump billed the US taxpayer.

Nixon Trump
It is not the first time Trump has been compared with Nixon Getty Images/Reuters