It has been reported that Donald Trump's National Security Adviser called the president an "idiot" and a "kindergartner."

Buzfeed reported that during a dinner on the 18 July, HR McMaster, while speaking with the CEO of the technology group Oracle, described Trump as a "dope."

Oracle boss Safra Catz is reported to have confirmed the claims to various sources, but both her and McMaster have since denied the allegations.

The reports suggested that McMaster, a retired three-star general said that Trump was not capable of understanding matters relating to national security.

Michael Anton, the spokesman for the National Security Council said that "those false comments represent the diametric opposite of General McMaster's actual views."

McMaster was brought on to Trump's team after replacing Michael Flynn who was forced to resign after he was found lying to Vice President Mike Pence about his connections to Russia.

Jared Kushner was also targeted by McMaster according to the report, with the general suggesting that Trump's son-in-law "had no business being in the White House and should not be involved in national security issues."

It is the latest story to come out of Washington where top officials have been accused of saying derogatory statements about the president.

In October, it was reported that the secretary of state Rex Tillerson called Trump a "F*****g moron" amid claims that the pair were clashing over the administration's approach to North Korea.

Both Tillerson and McMaster have been seen as calming forces in what is otherwise a chaotic White House.