Two men got into a physical altercation at a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Albany, New York, on 11 April. The rally for the GOP front runner was held at the Times Union Center.

Footage shows one man, reported to be a Trump supporter, lunging at a protester as he boos. The Trump supporter then grabs at the man's face, forcing his head back before others jump in to break up the fight. Security officers escorted the protester from the crowd.

Scores of protesters lined the streets ahead of the rally. The New York presidential primary is on 19 April, and Trump holds a substantial lead in the polls, ahead of rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

At the Albany rally, Trump referenced Cruz's recent comments about "New York values," telling the throng that the Texas senator made those comments with "disdain" and "hatred."

"We have the greatest values," Trump said. "Nobody has values like us."