President Donald Trump might have sparked another series of Twitter memes after he engaged in a 17-second awkward handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The political heads met in the White House on Friday (10 February) and posed for a photo op following their meeting.

At the end of a seemingly painful handshake — Trump even awkwardly patted the Japanese leader's hand while posing — that Abe's not-so-subtle eye-roll was caught by flashing cameras.

What resulted next was another round of Twitter reactions and memes as people responded to the Trump-Abe handshake on social media.

"I'd break every bone in Donald Trump tiny hand if he yanked my gotdamn arm during a handshake," commented one user, while another wrote, "Hahaha, omg look at PM Shinzo Abe's face after trump manhandles him!!"

Twitterati noted that Trump seemed to be clutching the Japanese Prime Minister's hand, and when he finally let go, Abe looks visibly relieved.

Eagle-eyed social media users were quick to note Abe's eye-roll and even pointed out a moment when the Japanese leader asks Trump to "look at me".

"Reaction from Japanese PM Abe after what looked like quite the long, firm handshake from Pres. Trump," a Twitter user shares along with a GIF of the moment in slow motion as Abe pulls his hand away.

"There was a look of relief that crossed PM Abe's face after Trump let his hand go," says another.

"First Gorsuch, now Shinzo Abe. Trump w clenched teeth forcefully yanking Abe's arm during 'handshake' photo op. Then Abe turns away..." someone commented as another added, "I felt sorry for the Japanese leader. During their handshake, he tried to get his hand back, but Trump was having a love affair with it."

The hilarious handshake video between Trump and the Japanese Prime Minister ended with the former commenting on the awkward situation by saying, "strong hands".

Check out more hilarious reactions to Trump's handshake below: