White House adviser and President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is considered a focus for the FBI's investigation into alleged Russian attempts to influence 2016's presidential election, according to reports.

A number of officials told NBC news that they believe Kushner has important information related to the investigation. The Washington Post reported that it was "the extent and nature" of Kushner's meetings with Russian officials that has interested the agency.

No reports have suggested that Kushner is being accused of anything, simply that he is considered an important part of the investigation. The reports put the FBI's investigation in the White House for the first time, with only previous administration officials and campaign members known to be under investigation.

Kushner is the husband of Trump's daughter Ivanka. His family own Kushner Companies, a multi-billion dollar real estate developer.

Kushner met with Russian Ambassador Sergy Kislyak in the months before Trump took office. He is thought to have met with Sergey Gorkov, a Russian businessman who is know to be the target of US sanctions. It has also been reported that Kushner did not disclose certain meetings when being vetted for White House security clearance.

Kushner is the only known current administration official to be part of the investigation. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is also known to be under scrutiny. Flynn was unceremoniously fired from his position after it was reported that he had discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador before he had taken public office.

Congressional intelligence committees have subpeonaed Flynn for documents relating to their investigations but he has refused to comply, citing his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination.

A top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee then released a letter saying that the committee had "documents that appear to indicate that General Flynn lied to the investigators who interviewed him in 2016 as part of his security clearance renewal".