Government officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo have said that the military has regained control of several strategic buildings in the capital of Kinshasa after a botched coup d'état, with 40 gunmen killed in the fighting.

Armed attackers had laid siege to the state TV and radio headquarters and gunfire was heard at Kinshasa international airport and at a local military base. The attackers stormed the TV station and took a number of staff hostage.

Two gunmen briefly appeared on camera to read a message condemning President Joseph Kabila before transmission was cut.

Information Minister Lambert Mende, seen speaking here, said the attempted coup was orchestrated by supporters of religious leader Paul Joseph Mukungubila, a former presidential candidate.

Mukungubila has been an outspoken critic of the peace deal signed this month with the Tutsi-led M23 rebel group in eastern Congo, accusing Kabila's government of bowing to Tutsi interests and pressure from neighbouring Rwanda.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner