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Mobile Phone Camera lens Image Credit: Flickr/Keith Williamson

An Indian man has been jailed in Dubai for three months after her was caught filming his female colleagues in the washroom.

The 26-year-old man, identified only as JB, is an employee of Thai Airlines. The incident took place at the firm's Dubai offices, according to Gulf News.

JB used his mobile phone to secretly video record three of his female colleagues as they undressed in the washroom, changed and used the toilets.

According to prosecutors, the man set his mobile phone on video recording mode and placed it under the sink.

While one of his female co-workers was using the washroom on 2 May, she noticed the mobile phone and immediately took the matter to the management.

"When I entered the washroom, I spotted the mobile phone that was fixed with its front lens directed towards the toilet seat. It was on functioning mode... I removed the phone and checked its contents. I found a number of video shots that showed me and my colleagues undressed and using the washroom," one of the victims, identified as AM, told the court during the hearing.

"When I walked out of the washroom, JB saw me. I went directly to my boss and informed her what had happened. I prevented the defendant from taking the mobile away from me. We immediately reported the matter to the police."

The defendant's seized mobile phone revealed at least 12 videos of a number of Thai Airlines staff while they were using the toilet apart from 10 pornographic videos.

The police charge sheet against JB states that the man molested three of his female colleagues and breached their privacy and modesty by filming them naked, the report said.

"The accused will be deported following the completion of his punishment. The court ordered that the 22 video shots [found on the seized mobile phone] be erased and the phone be confiscated," said presiding judge Ali Attiyah Sa'ad on Monday.

The defendant has 15 days to appeal against the judgment.