Feeding ducks bread could be damaging their health and habitats, according to the Canal & River Trust.

The charity estimates that each year, six million loaves of bread, equal to 20 double decker buses full, are being thrown into canals and rivers in England and Wales, potentially polluting the water and damaging hundreds of thousands of ducks' homes as well as harming their health.

Bread can also be harmful to a duck's health as it is the equivalent of junk food to a duck's diet. The uneaten soggy bread can also cause a build-up of bad nutrients creating harmful algae that can spread disease and attract pests such as rats.

In response the Canal & River Trust, which provides homes to hundreds of thousands of ducks and other waterfowl like swans and geese, has made a video detailing how to feed ducks responsibly by swapping bread for more natural treats such as oats, corn, or defrosted frozen peas.