Giving up sex is another common practice during Lent. Just make sure to get the go ahead from your partner beforehand or your sacrifice might cause some problems. YouTube

A controversial Durex advert has been making waves on the internet after it was banned from being aired during the 2012 Super Bowl.

The grim one-minute clip, which starts with a bloodstained robber fleeing from a bank and then flashes back through key disturbing moments in his life, is one of the condom brand's most talked-about ads.

One scene features the man as a child putting a cat in an oven and standing back to watch the animal suffer.

When the flashback arrives at the robber's conception, it reveals that his parents did not use any contraception.

The video ends with the simple image of a condom on a black background with the caption, "For Your Protection. And Ours."

The video has been seen by millions of viewers since it was uploaded to YouTube.

Critics said that the use of scare tactics to promote contraception was inappropriate.

One viewer said: "They are trying to say if people don't use a condom we will give birth to a future criminal."

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