The Dutch government has to speed up the reduction of green gas emissions and reduce CO2 by 25% by 2020, a court in The Hague heard.

The court case, which saw a conclusion on 24 June, was an unconventional one. The landmark ruling was brought by 886 plaintiffs alongside sustainability foundation Urgenda and it could lead to similar cases occurring around the globe. The outcome led to the state being ordered to action on the grounds of long-term danger for the world's and the country's animals and people.

The judge concluded the state holds a responsibility to protect its people from the dangers that climate change causes. In order to reduce the country's contribution to climate change, the state was ordered to speed up the reduction process.

He said in a press conference: "This case, in principle, is about the question whether Urgenda can force the state to reduce greenhouse gases, in particular CO2, more than the resolutions made by the Dutch government."

The judge said the government did not give a significant opposing argument and the fact that Urgenda, as a non-profit organisation, would not have direct gains from the verdict, it meant it had fair grounds to increase pressure on the government in the court case.

He added: "The court recognises that individuals, such as those represented by Urgenda, but also Urgenda itself, cannot call upon the international environment conventions which are relevant here, like the UN climate convention."