E-cigarettes and craft beers have been added to the so-called "basket" of popular goods used to measure inflation in the UK.

The basket now contains 703 products and services, after 13 were added and 8 removed in the latest review.

Digital music provider Spotify also entered the basket for the first time.

The UK's Office for National Statistics reviews the shopping basket once a year in order to get an up-to-date measure of inflation in the UK.

E-cigarettes were added to the basket, as a number of smokers had turned to "vaping" in an attempt to quit the habit, the ONS said.

Specialist beers were added as they are taking up more shelf space at shops in the UK, while digital music provider Spotify's inclusion suggests the decline in popularity of traditional music formats is complete.

Among the eight items removed from the basket were yoghurt drinks, while protein powders that go into yoghurt shakes have secured a place in the ONS's selection.